Rebel Blood #4 will be released later this week and we have the cover art and a 6-page preview for you to check out. From Riley Rossmo (Green Wake, Cowboy Ninja Viking, Proof), Rebel Blood is a 4-part miniseries about a disease that turns every living creature into zombies:

" ‘Save yourself. Stay in the woods. Pray it hasn’t reached the wolves… and keep your gun loaded.’ All he knows about what has happened to the world as he knew it has been left in an ominous message. And it’s clear that everything has… changed.

Image Comics and Shadowline are pleased to announce REBEL BLOOD, a new four-part miniseries coming in March with art and concept by Riley Rossmo (GREEN WAKE, COWBOY NINJA VIKING, PROOF) and script by newcomer Alex Link. This gruesome new 21st century zombie outbreak story pays tribute to horror comics’ post-war heyday of titles such as The Vault of Horror, The Haunt of Fear, and Tales From the Crypt, while presenting a concept to rival the best of The Twilight Zone!"

Rebel Blood #4:  "Guided by a mysterious voice through a night of carnage, you know the worst of it is still coming. After all, every step of the way home has been a fight for your life, against a whole world out for your blood. Any nightmare could be waiting for you around the next corner.

The terrifying conclusion to a night of carnage, with the trail of blood leading right to your own front door!"

Story by: Alex Link & Riley Rossmo Art By: Riley Rossmo

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