The soundtrack for Poltergeist will Mondo's latest vinyl release and they've announced that it will be available tomorrow:

"Tomorrow marks the release of our second vinyl release of the year in the form of Jerry Goldsmith's brilliant score for the 1982 classic, POLTERGEIST. This 180 gram double LP features Goldsmith's original iconic score for the film completely remastered by James Plotkin and packaged in brand new artwork by We Buy Your Kids. It also features 5 tracks that have never been released on vinyl and will come in two colors: black and randomly inserted clear vinyl."

Track list:
1) The Star Spangled Banner*
2) The Calling / The Neighborhood (Main Title)
3) The Tree (Outtake)*
4) The Clown / They’re Here / Broken Glass / The Hole / TV People*
5) Twisted Abduction
6) Contacting The Other Side*
7) The Light
8) Night Visitor / No Complaints
9) It Knows What Scares You*
10) Rebirth
11) Night Of The Beast
12) Escape From Suburbia
13) Carol Anne’s Theme (End Title)

*First appearance on vinyl

This vinyl will be on sale tomorrow, February 22nd, at a random time at To find out when they go on sale, you'll need to follow Mondo on Twitter for the announcement.

Source: Mondo