Last Halloween, in partnership with Spoke, SiriusXM's podcast team, we provided Daily Dead readers with a Halloween treat: a new horror audio drama called Doldrum. Now, on Valentine's Day, we're thrilled to team up with Spoke once again to release the second episode of Doldrum, which takes an unsettling look into one spooky small town's past, and you can listen to the new installment right now! 

Doldrum features the voice acting of Amber Smith as Esther, Maribeth Theroux as Gina and Lillian, Sarah Esocoff as Sabrina, Becca Seidel as Lillian’s Mother, Bryan Gula as David, Kelsey Albright as Witch 1, Zeynep Memecam as Witch 2, and Michele Mammen as Witch 3. The audio drama is co-written by Kelsey Albright and Rob Schulte.

Click the links below to listen to the new episode of Doldrum and further explore the creepy confines of the small town that young couple Henry and Gina have recently moved to, a town where everything is not as it seems...

Episode 2 description: "A look into Doldrum’s past reveals a dark secret while residents of present-day Doldrum realize their true powers.

Episode 1 description: "Down at the furthest corner of Kansas, the part of the state hit hardest by the dustbowl, is the town Doldrum. Modern day Doldrum is supported by T.H.E. Co. – a defense contractor that looks like it might be conducting some shady research. More disconcerting than T.H.E.’s research are the residents of Doldrum. They seem a bit off to newcomers Henry and Gina, who have just uprooted their life in Kansas City to move to the town. But it isn’t just that the townspeople are strange, it seems like they all know something that Henry and Gina don’t. Will Gina and Henry make it out alive? What’s T.H.E. actually up to? And is there really only one restaurant?!

Doldrum is a production of Daily Dead and Spoke. It’s created and produced by Kelsey Albright and Rob Schulte. Rebecca Seidel is our Audio Producer and Sound Designer. Michele Mammen is our Show Runner."

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