Retro Trailer: The Vampire Lovers

2013/04/20 18:25:54 +00:00 | Jonathan James

New horror movies are coming out every week, but we know that there are many horror fans who have not caught up on all of the cult classics. Whether you've seen the movie before or this is the first time you're hearing of it, we think Daily Dead readers will enjoy this cleaned up version of the original trailer for The Vampire Lovers.

"A female vampire with lesbian tendencies ravages the young girls and townsfolk of a peaceful hamlet in eighteenth century Europe who, years earlier, killed off her fellow vampires. A rousing hunt for the vampiress ensues as a group of men follow her bloody trail of terror through the countryside. Adapted from J. Sheridan LeFanu’s novella “Carmilla,” The Vampire Lovers stars Ingrid Pitt, George Cole and Peter Cushing. Now this “rather erotic Hammer chiller” (Leonard Maltin) appears on Blu-ray for the first time… If you dare, come into a twilight world of unspeakable horror and taste the deadly passion of the blood-nymphs!"

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