Last year, the fine folks at Cavitycolors celebrated John Carpenter's The Fog in style with a new enamel pin and shirt designs, and now they're turning on their high beams and returning to Antonio Bay with part 2 of their apparel collection, including a new glow-in-the-dark pin.

You can view part 2 of Cavitycolors' The Fog apparel collection below, visit their official website to learn more, and in case you missed it, check out their packaging artwork for NECA's new Captain Blake action figure.

From Cavitycolors: ' is told by the fishermen, and their fathers and grandfathers, that when the fog returns to Antonio Bay, the men at the bottom of the sea, out in the water by Spivey Point will rise up and search for the campfire that led them to their dark, icy death."

We're proud to present PART 2 of our officially licensed collection based on the John Carpenter classic, THE FOG!

ART BY: Devon Whitehead"

  • Derek Anderson
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