The Tooth Fairy is a monster... at least in Thomas Harris' 1981 novel, Red Dragon, as well as the 1999 Brett Ratner film of the same name. Instead of carefully placing money underneath the pillows of slumbering children, this Tooth Fairy slays entire families on the night of the full moon, and his skin-tearing teeth and paranoia-driven rage are coming to Season 3 of NBC's Hannibal TV series.

TVLine reports that Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit films) will play The Tooth Fairy serial killer, aka Francis Dolarhyde, for at least six episodes of Hannibal’s upcoming third season, which will debut sometime in NBC's midseason schedule. The Tooth Fairy was portrayed by Ralph Fiennes in 2002's Red Dragon.

Recently, another Hannibal roster move was revealed, as Bryan Fuller cast Joe Anderson as the villainous Mason Verger after Michael Pitt decided to drop out of the role, likely due to a busy schedule. Verger also underwent a major physical transformation in his last Season 2 appearance (Anderson will be acting under a hearty helping of facial makeup akin to Gary Oldman's appearance as the same character in 2001's Hannibal), so the abilities of the antagonist may be vastly different in Season 3 compared to Season 2.

Season 3 of Hannibal will feature Gillian Anderson as a series regular in the role of Bedelia du Maurier, Hugh Dancy as Will Graham, and, of course, Mads Mikkelsen as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, along with many more names both old and new. Stay tuned to Daily Dead for further updates.

Source: TVLine
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