Richard Lynch has Passed

2012/06/20 17:43:16 UTC

We are sad to report on the passing of actor Richard Lynch at the age of 72. Reports began surfacing late last night, but we were waiting for confirmation. It has now been confirmed by his management, although details on his passing have not been released.

Born in Brooklyn in 1940, Lynch started his acting career in the early 70's and has worked consistently ever since in films such as Scarecrow, The Sword and the Sorcerer, Invasion U.S.A. and Bad Dreams. More recently, horror fans caught him in Rob Zombie's Halloween, as well as Laid to Rest.

While he has dozens of movie credits, he also did plenty of TV work, which included appearances on Six Feet Under, Highlander, Murder She Wrote, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The A-Team, and Battlestar Galactica, among others.  Lynch wrapped up filming The Lords of Salem with Rob Zombie earlier this year, and Rob Zombie had the following to say about Lynch's passing:

“I woke up this morning to the news that our friend RICHARD LYNCH has passed away. Richard was great to work with and really gave it his all. I will never forget the way he scared the crap out of the kid actors in HALLOWEEN. As soon as I said action! He dove in his role of Principle Chambers at top volume. He will be missed.”

  • metalblon

    A great, great film actor has left us all and he will never be forgotten by any movie or horror fan out there. He was always a very underrated character actor and he just gave his all in every movie that he made, he was a very versatile actor and a formidable human being. I met him at Estepona Film Festival about three years ago and it was such an honor to me!

    I hope he has made his most memorable role for the screen in the Rob Zombie film THE LORDS OF SALEM.

    I will miss you so much, my friend!