Of all the incredible creations makeup effects legend Rick Baker has created in his amazing career, The Grinch from the 2000 film adaptation of the classic Dr. Seuss story ranks as a standout achievement. Those who have seen Ron Howard's take on the iconic character witnessed a version of Jim Carrey who was completely unrecognizable under the lifelike green prosthetics of Baker and his crew, making his transformation the perfect subject for Nerdist's new faux trailer for the fake documentary Jim & The Grinch: Beyond Whoville.

"What happens when an actor completely loses himself in a role? Watch Jim Carrey as he truly BECOMES the Grinch and drives everyone around him insane. It's "Jim & The Grinch: Beyond Whoville" only on Nerdist Presents!

Edited by Matt Caron"

  • Derek Anderson
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