For $659,900, you can own a piece of The Walking Dead history: Rick Grimes' house.

Home is where the heart is, so when sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes' eyelids opened after a nearly month-long coma, he set his bewildered sights on his house in King County. On the first season of AMC's The Walking Dead, the scenes of Rick's house were filmed at 817 Cherokee Avenue in Atlanta, GA, a gorgeous structure that's now for sale at the aforementioned price of over half a million dollars, according to via Curbed Atlanta.

Built in 1897, the remodeled house is a mix of modern and vintage, with two usable fireplaces (and four in total), a chef's kitchen, and a massive deck large enough to hold Rick's entire pre-prison group of survivors (so many of whom are no longer alive, unfortunately).

If you're interested in moving into the pre-apocalyptic home of Rick, Lori, and Carl, we have a link to the official listing and photos of the house's interior and exterior:

From Virgent Realty: "The house you want on the street you love. Gracious spacious rooms that harken back to another time; this historic structure frames a completely renovated masterpiece of modern conveniences and energy efficiency (2013). Two working fireplaces, claw foot tub, heart pine floors, 11' ceilings, and original millwork honor the old while embracing the new chef's kitchen, dry bar, double marble master bath, walk in closet, two sets of 8' French doors opening onto huge covered rear deck. Driveway and alley access for parking. Sheriff Rick slept here."

Photo from Virgent Realty:

Source: via Curbed Atlanta
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