If you enjoyed watching Robert Patrick as Alcide's father on True Blood last season, you'll be happy to know that he's joined the cast as a series regular for True Blood Season 6. While this may seem like a given, his expanded role was only made possible due to the fact that ABC canceled Last Resort, a show Patrick was recently working on.

Series creator and showrunner Alan Ball is taking a step back from the show this season, although he remains on board as an executive producer and will consult on the creative direction of the series. True Blood‘s co-executive producer Mark Hudis is taking over as the new showrunner and filming is scheduled to begin in January.

Unlike all past seasons, True Blood Season 6 will only contain ten episodes, unless plans change between now and the end of filming. Here is what Alan Ball had to say during a recent interview: "We’re moving production to January to accommodate her. And there will only be 10 shows next season partly because of Anna [due to her recent pregnancy] and partly because of the economics.."

Source: Deadline