It has been revealed that Robert Patrick is a late addition to the cast of True Blood Season 5. He'll first appear in a flashback episode, according to THR, playing the father of Alcide in a story that features Alcide and Debbie Pelt as teenagers in the 1980s.

While not confirmed, it sounds like he'll be joining the series for multiple episodes. As a late addition, we wonder if they have more planned for him in the sixth season. Here's what we know about his character so far:

"At the time, Jackson was said to be a 'powerful, inspiring and heroic' guy, but in the present, he's given up on life. Jackson, as a way to repay his father's debt to Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), also stands as the reason that Alcide first agreed to help Sookie (Anna Paquin) search for Bill (Stephen Moyer) during Season 3."

Robert Patrick will first appear in "Everybody Want to Rule the World", the ninth episode of Season 5 that is scheduled to air on August 5th.