A tough-as-nails team of criminals find themselves in a fight for their lives at a farmyard in Scream Factory's Scarecrows, coming out on Blu-ray this summer. We have the Blu-ray's release details and cover art in our latest round-up, as well as a look at a new Star Wars infographic from NeoMam Studios that examines the exciting history of the Millennium Falcon, and Funko's recent reveal of three upcoming Gremlins ReAction figures.

Scarecrows: Press Release - "Trespassers will be violated. Scream Factory proudly presents the action-packed supernatural thriller Scarecrows on June 2, 2015. Making its Blu-ray debut, this release comes packed with new bonus features, including audio commentaries with director William Wesley and producer Cami Winikoff, and interviews with special make-up effects creator Norman Cabrera and actor Ted Vernon. Fans that order from shoutfactory.com will have their copy shipped two weeks early!

After a band of ex-military criminals pulls off a multi-million dollar heist, they hop aboard a plane headed for Mexico. But when one of their own betrays them, they suddenly find themselves on the ground and on the run through a field of scarecrows near an abandoned farmhouse. And as night sets in, the real nightmare begins. The men discover that there’s a reason the farmhouse is empty... and now those who thought they were the hunters are being hunted by an unimaginable and malevolent force!


  • Audio Commentary with director William Wesley and producer Cami Winikoff
  • Audio Commentary with co-screenwriter Richard Jefferies, Director of Photography Peter Deming and composer Terry Plumeri
  • The Last Straw – an interview with Special Make-up Effects Creator Norman Cabrera
  • Cornfield Commando – an interview with Actor Ted Vernon
  • Original Storyboards
  • Still Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailer

Shout! Factory will continue to present the on-going SCREAM FACTORY™ home entertainment series in 2015 with specific release dates, extras and key art. Fans are encouraged to visit Shout! Factory’s website (www.ShoutFactory.com), follow the brand on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ScreamFactoryDVD) and Twitter (@Scream_Factory), and view exclusive video content on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/ScreamFactoryTV/Home).

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Infographic: From The Battle of Coruscant to The Battle of Endor and beyond, the tried-and-true Millennium Falcon has braved blasters and kept its passengers in one piece no matter how high the odds were stacked against survival.

From the fine folks at NeoMam Studios, the company that showed us the cost of making a real Dalek from Doctor Who and revealed the price you'd have to pay in order to build your own Millennium Falcon, comes another Star Wars infographic, this one detailing the storied history of the Millennium Falcon. To learn more about NeoMam Studios' new creation, visit:

Funko's Gremlins ReAction Figures: Due out this summer are Funko's Gremlins ReAction figures, and the company recently released the first look at three of the upcoming figures in the line based on Joe Dante's classic 1984 film: Stripe, Gangster Gremlin, and the 3D Cinema Gremlin.

The Gremlins ReAction figures will comprise seven items. According to The Toyark via Reis O'Brien on the Funko Funatic, the Kelly "Kate" Beringer (played by Phoebe Cates) figure was recently pulled from the line due to Cates not approving of the figure's look. Here's the final lineup:

  • Gizmo
  • Christmas Gizmo
  • Stripe
  • Stripe (Mogwai version)
  • Gangster Gremlin
  • 3D Cinema Gremlin
  • Billy Peltzer

Image courtesy of Funko's Facebook page via The Toyark:

Source: Facebook via The Toyark
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