Re-enact the war against Skynet with the new Endoskeleton figure from Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys. Also: production details for Dead Rising: Endgame, a trailer for the horror thriller Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla, details on Laurene Landon (Maniac Cop 1 & 2) in Terror Tales, and the Scream Queen Stream.

Terminator: Genisys Figure: From Sideshow Collectibles: "In Terminator: Genisys, Judgment Day has arrived and more than 30 billion human lives have been lost in the attacks by Skynet. Survivors were captured and put into camps for extermination. In 2029, Human Resistance leader John Connor has led a final intense battle against Skynet and its menacing armies of Endoskeletons in order to eliminate the hellish artificial intelligence.

Sideshow and Hot Toys are pleased to officially present the new sixth scale Endoskeleton Collectible Figure from Terminator: Genisys.

The Endoskeleton collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of the terrifying robot from the film. It features the character’s complicated mechanical details throughout the body, multiple layers of metallic paint on the skeleton with weathering effects, LED light-up eyes, a detailed Endorifle, and figure stand.

This new Endoskeleton collectible figure will be a great addition to any Terminator collection!"

Made by Hot Toys and released by Sideshow Collectibles, this Terminator: Genisys figure has a retail price of $249.99 and will be available sometime between November 2016 – January 2017.

For more information on this collectible item, visit: http://www.sideshowtoy.com/collectibles/terminator-endoskeleton-hot-toys-902662



Dead Rising: Endgame: Press Release: "CULVER CITY, Calif. (Feb. 18, 2016) – Crackle, Sony’s free streaming network, and Legendary Digital Media has announced that production has kicked off in Vancouver on DEAD RISING: ENDGAME, the sequel to last year’s successful original feature film, DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER. The sequel DEAD RISING: ENDGAME drops us into the zombie-infested quarantined zone of East Mission City where investigative reporter Chase Carter must stop a secret government conspiracy which, though seemingly aimed at ending the country’s zombie epidemic, will also kill millions of innocent civilians. DEAD RISING: ENDGAME is based on the hugely popular Dead Rising video game franchise by Capcom, which has sold over 9.1 million copies worldwide.

Jesse Metcalfe (“Desperate Housewives,” “Dallas”) returns to DEAD RISING: ENDGAME as Chase Carter, the well-known television journalist who goes back underground to stop the military’s rogue operation and break the ultimate story. Keegan Connor Tracy (“Once Upon a Time,” “Bates Motel”) returns as a camera operator and producer, Jordan Blair. Attempting to thwart their plans is Dennis Haysbert (“24,” “SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR,” “WRECK-IT RALPH”) reprising his role as General Lyons, a crooked Military Intelligence Officer. Patrick Sabongui (“The Art of More”) returns in a new role, playing a skilled zombie killer and video game aficionado who talks a big and crude game to mask his gentle side.

The film also features a new cast including Billy Zane (ZOOLANDER 2, TITANIC) as Rand, a handsome, cruel scientist who was hired by the government to find a cure for the raging zombie infection, but is instead conducting horrendous experiments on the infected. Marie Avgeropoulos (“The 100") plays Sandra Lowe, a skilled computer hacker and Chase’s on-and-off girlfriend who joins him in his quest to battle the zombie-infested underground and stop General Lyons’ plan. Ian Tracey (“Bates Motel,” MAN OF STEEL) portrays George Hancock, the courageous whistleblower who compels Chase and his team to enter a zombie-infested city on a rescue mission. Jessica Harmon (“iZombie,” IF I HAD WINGS) plays Jill, a news producer who joins Chase and his intrepid crew to infiltrate a secret laboratory and stop the carnage. Victor Webster (“Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce,” “Continuum”) is Chuck Greene, the reluctant hero and protagonist of the Dead Rising 2 video game. Additionally, Camille Sullivan (“The Man in the High Castle”) portrays the role of Susan Ingot, the CEO of Phenotrans, the manufacturer of Zombrex, the vaccine that keeps the zombie infection at bay.

Eric Berger, GM of Crackle and EVP, Sony Pictures Television Digital Networks said: “With last year’s success of DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER, there was no question that Crackle viewers had an insatiable appetite for this popular and entertaining franchise—we can’t wait to deliver another great feature for this ‘rabid’ and loyal audience.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring the next installment of the Dead Rising film series to life,” said Greg Siegel, SVP of Development and Production, Legendary Digital Media. “We see this as an ongoing franchise that will continue to thrill audiences worldwide.”

DEAD RISING: ENDGAME expands on Crackle’s evolving slate of original feature films, which includes: JOE DIRT 2: BEAUTIFUL LOSER, the first ever digital sequel to a major motion picture, starring David Spade; the international cyber spy thriller, THE THROWAWAYS, with James Caan, Kevin Dillion and Sam Huntington; and the first made for digital movie EXTRACTION, Danny Glover and Sean Astin. Crackle’s quality original programs include the network’s recently announced second one-hour long scripted drama, “StartUp,” with Martin Freeman, Adam Brody, Otmara Marrero and Edi Gathegi along with “The Art of More,” starring Dennis Quaid, Kate Bosworth, Christian Cooke and Cary Elwes, a series that garnered praise from critics at The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Deadline and Entertainment Weekly, among others. Additionally, Harper’s Bazaar called it the “#1 Best New Fall TV Show.” Crackle’s slate of original content also includes the stop-motion animated comedy series “SuperMansion,” with Bryan Cranston, Seth Green, Keegan Michael-Key and Jillian Bell; the weekly live game show series “Sports Jeopardy!,” hosted by Emmy® award-winning sportscaster Dan Patrick; and its flagship award-winning series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” with Jerry Seinfeld.

DEAD RISING: ENDGAME is directed by Pat Williams (“Continuum”) and written by Michael Ferris (TERMINATOR SALVATION, TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES) and Tim Carter (DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER, MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY). DEAD RISING: ENDGAME is presented by Legendary Digital Media and produced by Tim Carter with Tomas Harlan as the executive producer under their Contradiction Films banner. This second chapter in the DEAD RISING film series is scheduled for summer 2016 release.

Legendary Digital Media has been very active in the digital content space of late, having produced the upcoming Fullscreen release ELECTRA WOMAN & DYNA GIRL, starring YouTube phenomenons Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart, and the digital film THE THINNING, a thriller starring top digital entertainer Logan Paul and Disney Channel star Peyton List. Paul and List have 30 million combined social media followers, one of the biggest social footprints of any digital film produced thus far. Legendary will distribute THE THINNING direct to consumers via digital sell-through and video on demand. The division also announced that it is partnering with StyleHaul to produce the second season of YouTube star’s Joey Graceffa’s highly acclaimed young adult supernatural series STORYTELLERS. Legendary Digital Media will continue to feed this steady stream of content with more digital films and series to be produced, acquired and distributed throughout 2016 and beyond.

For more information, visit the official DEAD RISING movie Facebook Page and follow @WatchDeadRising on Twitter. Join the conversation with #DeadRisingEndgame and #Crackle."

Learn more at: http://www.crackle.com/dead-rising-watchtower




Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla: Press Release: "New York, NY - WildEye Releasing imports a new flavor of horror this May with the domestic release of the acclaimed Aussie cult thriller Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla. The latest film from director Stuart Simpson follows an abused and obsessive ice cream truck driver as his life causes him to snap, with terrifying consequences for all.

Awkward, lonely ice cream truck driver Warren Thompson has two major problems: an unhealthy obsession with a soap opera actress, and a gang of bullies who like to savagely beat him on a regular basis. As Warren slowly slips out of reality and into a psychotic fantasy world to escape his miserable life, a darker, deadlier Warren emerges to deal with his problems and put an end to his tormentors.

Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla will deliver treats to American audiences on DVD and VOD in May."




Terror Tales: Press Release: "Los Angeles, February 19, 2016 (Newswire.com) -  "Laurene Landon (Maniac Cop 1 and 2, Masters of Horror: Pick Me Up) is making a much-anticipated return to the horror genre in award-winning filmmaker Jimmy Lee Combs' Terror Tales. Also starring in this film are Jonathan Tiersten (Sleepaway Camp), Lynn Lowry (Cat People, George A. Romero's The Crazies and the remake by Breck Eisner). It will be the first time ever that these three icons of horror will collaborate together on this buzzed about this project turning it into the Expendables of Horror! With Christopher Showerman (Ladybug, George of the Jungle 2) playing a psychopath who delivers the tales of terror!"

This film follows a husband who is abducted by a psychopath and taken on a ride from hell where he is subjected to three horrific tales of terror while his wife and daughter are held captive in an attached cargo trailer. Landon will be playing the role of Miss Tate in the Radical Video segment which takes place in the '80s. Miss Tate is the mother of a serial killer on the loose known as The Sledgehammer.

"We're very excited and humbled that renowned actress Laurene Landon has chosen Terror Tales to mark her exciting return to the horror genre. We adore Laurene and like many horror fans became acquainted with her work in Maniac Cop 1 & 2. Maniac Cop was a signature horror film of the '80s making Laurene the perfect choice for our next segment in Terror Tales called "Radical Video". We're taking Laurene back to the '80s to play the mother of a serial killer portrayed by the one and only Jonathan Tiersten. To have these two horror icons in the same scene together is going to be a real treat."

"I had the pleasure of meeting Laurene at a convention back east less than a year ago.  We hit (sledge or no sledge) it off immediately.  I think the two of us on screen together will inflict a lot of damage," said horror legend Tiersten.

"Terror Tales is the first horror film I am involved with since the Maniac Cop trilogy.  I am captivated by doing another horror film. I get to improvise and make the character of Miss Tate very subversive, twisted and will challenge myself to keep the audience incognizant. I am most grateful to be working alongside the innovative, prodigious and vanguard award-winning filmmaker Jimmy Lee Combs whose vision of three intersecting stories amalgamated into one feature film will BLOW people's minds! I'm also excited by our ensemble cast with the who's who of horror films, Jonathan Tiersten, and Lynn Lowry," said an excited Landon.

"This is one of my favorite films that I have ever worked on. Jimmy Lee is a fantastic director and writer. He has compassion, creativity, and an amazing visual capacity. The cast and crew are wonderful artists and people. I felt like I was part of a family and we all worked together to create something special. You never know when something magical is going to happen, but I feel it with this project," added Lowry.

This has been quite a busy past year for Landon. This statuesque blond beauty just completed the much anticipated Sky opposite Diane Kruger, Norman Reedus, and Lou Diamond Phillips. The Hollywood Reporter declared that "Landon registers vividly enough to make you wish the entire movie were about her."

Landon recently starred opposite George Lazenby (James Bond—On Her Majesty's Secret Service) in Hunter, plays Detective Higgins in the much buzzed about Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance opposite Bai Ling (The Crow), cult icon Tommy Wiseau (The Room) and Mel Novak (Bruce Lee's Game of Death) and Joe Estevez (Dexter). She also had a supporting role in the Melanie Griffith/Alexia Landeau feature film Day out of Days directed by Zoe Cassavettes, along with a starring role in Syndicate Smasher, where she is reunited with Novak and Estevez.

Laurene made a smashing impression as "Molly", one of two female wrestlers, who are managed by Peter Falk, in Robert Aldrich's (The Dirty Dozen) uproariously raucous comedy, ...All The Marbles where she beat out over 2,000 other young actresses vying for the role, including one actress named Kathleen Turner. The fiercely athletic Landon also performed a lion's share of her own stunts in the film. Landon was very funny as a daffy stewardess in Airplane II: The Sequel and was excellent as Mike Hammer's loyal secretary "Velda" in I, the Jury opposite Armand Assante. Laurene was especially strong and impressive in two edge-of-your-seat action/adventure features for director Matt Cimber: she's the titular rugged warrior woman in Hundra and a gutsy half-Native American spitfire in Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold. Landon was once again, on the money, effective and engaging as courageous policewoman "Teresa Mallory" opposite Bruce Campbell in the popular Maniac Cop and its superior 1990 sequel, Maniac Cop 2. After a regrettably lengthy absence from acting, Laurene made a welcome comeback with a sizable co-starring part in the legendary Master of Horror episode, "Pick Me Up."

Additionally, all the rabid horror fans out there are in for some more exciting news on this movie! Combs will soon plan to reveal what other horror stars will be a part of this noted Expendables of Horror, so stay tuned!"

For more information, visit the film's official IMDB page at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4834300/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1



Scream Queen Stream: Press Release: "Jessica Cameron and Heather Dorff are scream queens and best friends who have been tearing up Los Angeles for the last few years with their legendary exploits, which their legions of fans have been rabidly following on social media. Now the dynamic duo of indie horror is set to bring their adventures to an even wider audience through Scream Queen Stream, a brand new variety show that will showcase their amazing lives like never before.

Every Friday at 11:00 AM Scream Queen Stream will premiere an epic new adventure featuring everybody's favorite scream queens, Jessica Cameron and Heather Dorff. You will see the two try to cook, and fail spectacularly at it! You will see #drunkdorff in action and on the sauce! You will get to experience all the trouble these two crazy young gals can possibly get into from the safety of your own home!

Upcoming episodes will feature drinking games with Danielle Inks and other scream queens, behind the scenes horror convention madness, and interviews with Amy Hoff, Patrick Robert Young, Powell Robinson, and Jonathan Weichsel.

Check out Scream Queen Stream right here: http://screamqueenstream.com.

The series will be funded through the subscription service Patreon, and subscribers will have access to exclusive content such as weekly giveaways, group and private live streams with Jessica and Heather, signed postcards, and much, much more!!! Anybody can watch, but subscribers will get a close, intimate look at the making of the series, and even be able to offer input such as suggestions for future episodes. The first episode goes live Friday, February 19th at 11:00 AM PST and new episodes will follow every Friday."

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