Yesterday, it was revealed on the Killer POV podcast that Scream Factory is releasing four of Larry Fessenden's films as a Blu-ray collection in October. Release details for Rebound, a Queen Crab trailer, and a look at the short Don't Despair are also in this round-up.

The Larry Fessenden Collection Blu-ray: From Scream Factory: "As we revealed today on Killer POV's exclusive podcast with us, we will be releasing THE LARRY FESSENDEN COLLECTION this October which will include four of the Director's more notable and critically-acclaimed films: NO TELLING (1991), HABIT (1995), WENDIGO (2001) and THE LAST WINTER (2006).

Artwork, extras (expect a lot) and specific street date will be announced at a later date. Stay tuned!"


Rebound: "Emotionally tormented after finding her boyfriend cheating, Claire decides to move home to Chicago. Shortly after beginning her journey across country, she finds another reality that is far worse.

Written and Directed by Megan Freels. Starring Ashley James, Mark Scheibmeir, Wes O'Lee, Kevin Bulla, and Julia Beth Stern.

Rebound is available on Google Play and Amazon. The film will be on iTunes this summer as well as on DVD August 25."


Queen Crab: "Wild Eye Releasing has unleashed a new trailer and key art for Queen Crab. The latest film from cult auteur Brett Piper (They Bite, The Screaming Dead, Raiders of the Living Dead) Queen Crab is a loving, monstrous tribute to the classic days of practical stop-motion animation, evoking the days of Ray Harryhausen creature features.

A meteor crashes into a quiet lake in the remote countryside, awakening a centuries-old beast. She emerges from the deep and tears through a nearby town and its inhabitants. The humans must fight for their lives and stop this Queen Crab before she can hatch an army of babies that will overrun the entire world."

The Queen Crab DVD will be released in September of 2015.


Don't Despair (No te desesperes): "Two collectors of serial killer memorabilia meet in order to exchange a treasured piece of merchandise, but one of them has taken their dedication to their macabre master to unspeakable depths, and reveals a sinister plan to connect the two to their mentor through a horrifying recreation of his final “masterpiece.” A story of love, loss and obsession, Don't Despair is a haunting horror film and a deep look into the allure of evil."

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