A lot of games to be played in this morning's round-up. First, we have Blu-ray and digital release information for The Murder Game, including a 10th anniversary special documentary on the film. Also: a new clip from Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween and details on The Badger Game Blu-ray.

The Murder Game: "The new HD, extended version of The Murder Game was released this past Friday, October 23rd, on Vimeo for rent or purchase:

This Friday, October 30th, the Blu-ray will be available from, here:

A group of teenagers invent a game in which one of them is secretly chosen to be a 'killer,' while the others remain innocent victims. Armed with prop weapons, the "killer" must eliminate the other players before being found out. To enhance the fun, the teens sneak into a large self-storage warehouse, overnight, to hold their game. At first, it's better than ever. But, things take a shocking turn as one by one, the players begin dying...for real.

This 10th-anniversary re-release of the cult film features a newly remastered, high definition transfer on Blu-ray. This extended edition contains additional scenes originally cut from the film - as well as a hidden surprise at the end. The all-new special features include an inside look at the world premiere of The Murder Game, and a 27-minute documentary featuring new interviews with cast and crew members, and never-before-seen footage.

The film has a Facebook page as well, visit for more information.

We are encouraging as many people as possible to like the page, especially those who buy the Blu-ray, as we’ll be having several giveaways in the coming weeks only for those who like our page – including a new 10th Anniversary Edition poster signed by cast and crew members."




Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween: Press Release: "New York, NY - Caesar & Otto are back with their latest cinematic misadventure. In anticipation of the Halloween DVD / VOD release, the hapless half-brothers have debuted a new clip featuring B-movie legend Brinke Stevens (Nightmare Sisters, Teenage Exorcist) in a nod to The Shining. Written and directed by Dave Campfield (Caesar), Paranormal Halloween stars cult icons Stevens, Tiffany Shepis, Vernon Wells, Felissa Rose, Deron Miller, Sean Whalen, Andre Gower and Debbie Rochon.

These heroes of the low-budget silver screen join Campfield, Paul Chomicki (Otto), Ken MacFarlane, Samantha Barrios, Avi Garg and Shawn C. Phillips in a hilarious homage to Insidious, The Conjuring, Amityville Horror, Sinister, Paranormal Activity and more.

It's Halloween Eve and Caesar and Otto find themselves housesitting for the world's most unpopular Governor, Jerry Grayson (MacFarlane). But after a series of ghostly visions, strange phenomenon and a demonic possession, the half-brothers call upon renowned exorcist Father Jason Stieger to help put a stop to this new nightmare. But in this house, nothing is what it seems and everyone is fair game for the mysterious forces at work.

The DVD release of Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween will exclusively include two feature-length commentaries with director Dave Campfield, cast, and crew, The Son of Piggyzilla shorts trilogy, a tribute to Robert Z'Dar, trailers, and other videos."




The Badger Game: From Amazon: "When a young woman discovers that her wealthy boyfriend is married, she and three friends hatch a kidnapping-and-extortion scheme known in criminal circles as a badger game to teach him a lesson and score an easy $2 million. But they'll soon learn certain games can quickly spin out of control...and that one seemingly perfect crime is about to go horribly wrong.

Augie Duke, Patrick Cronen, Jillian Leigh, Sam Boxleitner and Sasha Higgins star in this award-winning comedy/shocker written and directed by Josh Wagner and Thomas Zambeck.

Special Features:

  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Directors Joshua Wagner and Thomas Zambeck, and Composer London May
  • Audio Commentary with stars Augie Duke, Jillian Leigh, and Sasha Higgins
  • Cast and Crew Interviews from the premiere in Downtown L.A."

Beginning November 24th, the Blu-ray and DVD of this film will be available on home media from Intervision Picture Corp.


Tamika Jones
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