SPACELAB9's The Walking Dead vinyl soundtrack is a New York Comic Con exclusive featuring special treats for any fan of the series. Also: CONtv's Creep Con Halloween celebration and In the Dark release details.

The Walking Dead Vinyl Soundtrack: Press Release: "October 1st, 2015 – There’s a chill in the air and the daylight hours are getting shorter as the world awaits the return of The Walking Dead! Just in time for the all-new season 6 and with the New York Comic Con just a week away, SPACELAB9 announces yet another key entry in their roster of NYCC exclusive releases for the sold out, multi-day pop culture extravaganza. That’s right, the official vinyl soundtrack to the multi-award-winning fan favorite drama series AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD is back from the grave one last time in a very limited edition as SPACELAB9 unveils the NYCC Exclusive “Brain and Guts” Vinyl Variant Edition. Swirled in a ghoulish pink/purple marble vinyl, you’ll feel queasy watching the viscera spin on your turntable as you enjoy tracks from composer Bear McCreary and artists Jamie N. Commons, Voxhaul Broadcast, Baby Bee, Fink, Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) & Emily Kinney (Beth Greene) as well as multiplatinum Icelandic artists Of Monsters and Men.

AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD “Original Soundtrack Vol. 1” LP “Brains and Guts” Variant Edition is packaged in a full-color gatefold jacket and heavy card stock inner bag featuring images from the hit TV series. Supplies are very limited, so run as if your life depended on it to NYCC Booth #842 and visit SPACELAB9 for your copy of the AMC’S THE WALKING DEAD “Official Soundtrack Vol.1” LP “Brain and Guts” Variant Edition. It’s a no brainer!

About Spacelab9: Conceived by music industry veteran Dave Amcher and staffed by fellow record collectors, film buffs, and all-around fanboy fanatics, SPACELAB9 takes a 360 view of music and pop culture fandom. Having launched during December 2013 with A-List releases including THE WALKING DEAD and BREAKING BAD, the label rounded out the rest of their first year collaborating with Madison Gate Records, Hasbro, Sony, Universal Music, Warner Bros, the BBC and other media giants to present eclectic offerings from iconic properties such as DOCTOR WHO, MY LITTLE PONY, DISTRICT 9 and THE LEGO® MOVIE and many others. 2015 has seen SL9 ever-prolific, offering more world-class titles such as OUTLANDER, BETTER CALL SAUL, AMAZING SPIDERMAN, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, FALLOUT 3 and many more to come. Enter the Spacelab and see what thrills await."


Creep Con: Press Release: "October 1, 2015 (LOS ANGELES) — Fans of all things horror have been counting down the days to Halloween and now they have one more reason to celebrate. Today marks the launch of Creep Con; a month-long virtual con devoted to creepy movies and horror films on the multi-platform digital streaming network CONtv (available on connected devices including Roku® Players and Roku TV™ models, Android and Mac iOS, Samsung Smart TV, the web, and mobile and tablet devices).

In honor of Creep Con, CONtv has spotlighted 31 of their scariest films and documentaries, one for each day in October. For those who are too frightened to watch alone but still want to get in on all chills and thrills of the season, every Wednesday in October viewers can tune into a series of first-ever CONtv Livestream Viewing Parties (7 p.m. PT/10 p.m. ET) hosted by a cast of horror enthusiasts and experts. Providing live commentary Mystery Science Theater style and chatting with viewers during the movie, these unique interactions with giants in the genre will give viewers all the action of a real comic con - from their own location. A full schedule of guests can be found below.

Creep Con will also boast a 24/7 virtual hub featuring many of the same experiences fans get at a real con. This includes a full programming schedule, customized and shareable GIF’s, collectable items given away on the virtual prize wheel and through a digital scavenger hunt where horror hounds can put their detective skills to the test as they use clues to track down a fake CONtv movie title hidden somewhere on Official rules can be found by following this link. There is a trivia section updated daily for the fans who think they know best. Finally, there are two contests for the most ambitious and creative horror fans; a pumpkin carving contest with downloadable stencils provided on the hub, and the Creep Con Cosplay Contest open to adults and kids with each winner getting one entire year free of CONtv (plus bragging rights)!

CONtv is a partnership of Cinedigm, an industry leader in independent content distribution and Wizard World, the largest Comic Con producer in the U.S.

For more information, please contact:

Crystal McCoy – – (646) 435-2912
Jeanne Prisyazhnaya–– (646) 435-1663

Creep Con Livestream Viewings Schedule:

October 7th @ 7 pm PT/10 EST

Theme: Haunted Houses

Film: The Dead Want Women

Guests: Paranormal Housewives – Marsha Covert-Garcia, Erin Potter, Kirsten A. Thorne, and Jennifer Storey

October 14th @ 7 pm PT/10 EST

Theme: Don’t Play With Dolls

Film: Puppet Master

Guests: Witney Seibold (CraveOnline, Legion of Leia,, Nerdist, TheWrap) and William Bibbiani (Crave Online)

October 21st @ 7pm PT/10 EST

Theme: Bite Me

Film: Vamp

Guests: Chelsea Peters (indie horror director, Blumhouse), Brittany Klesic (horror writer) and Clarke Wolfe (horror host for Nerdist)

October 28th @ 7 pm PT/10 EST

Theme: Classic Horror

Film: CONtv’s Classic Horror Collection

Guests: Mickey Keating, Thomas Della Bella, and Darrell Wheat (award-winning indie horror filmmakers and die-hard horror fans)."


In the Dark: Press Release: "Gravitas Ventures has acquired worldwide digital distribution rights to the Nashville, TN indie horror anthology IN THE DARK. The film will be released on all digital, cable and VOD platforms on October 6, 2015, with a special iTunes pre-order starting September 15th, 2015. “IN THE DARK is an immensely entertaining horror film", said Gravitas Ventures' Michael Lange. "We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Nashville filmmakers Chris St. Croix and David Buchert to help bring IN THE DARK to over 100 million homes this Halloween season."

IN THE DARK tells the tale of two female assassins hiding out in a rundown motel who discover a bag of unmarked videotapes. With each tape they play, they are drawn deeper into a twisted world where anything can happen. From a gang of murderers who must fight to survive against a giant sin-slaying creature from hell to an axe wielding maniac playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with a family in an abandoned mental hospital; and finally, a lonely man promised true love by a supernatural matchmaker who finds his desire comes at a bloody price. Written and directed by Chris St. Croix and David Buchert and with its genre-bending combination of action, horror and dark comedy, IN THE DARK is sure to deliver a slice of gory fun to audiences everywhere. The film was shot and completed entirely in Nashville, Tennessee and stars a large ensemble cast including Katie Groshong (Jug Face), Shellie White (Make-out With Violence) and William Harrison (Lawless) and features Special Creature Effects by Rick Prince of Syfy Channel's Face Off series.

Bucking the recent trend of found-footage-style anthologies, IN THE DARK is a return to the cinematic look and feel of classic films by John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, and Brian DePalma. Nashville filmmakers Chris St.Croix and David Buchert have teamed up to create what Ain’t It Cool News calls “One hell of an anthology”. “We set out to make a film that looked and felt like the horror movies we grew up watching,” says Buchert. "So even though we didn’t have any money to work with, we knew we still wanted our film to look like a million bucks,” St.Croix adds, “Audiences today have so much to choose from that we knew we had to bring something special to the table. We can't wait for everyone to finally be able to check it out.”

iTunes Pre-Order link:

Official sites and pages: Facebook: Twitter:"

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