On the night before Halloween in L.A., some of horror's finest films come out to play. The Wiltern Theater's horror movie marathon is not to be missed. Also in this round-up: news on Scott Weinberg's e-book Modern Horrors, as well as details on five new items from Diamond Select Toys.

The Wiltern Night of Horror: "On October 30st, 2015 the Wiltern Theater will be transformed into a haunted house and host a classic horror movie marathon, along with a virtual reality horror film showcase, costume contest with amazing prizes and giveaways and dance party hosted by Dj Loboman and special guests. THE FILMS SCREENING An American Werewolf in London (R) 1981 Fantasy/Horror 1h 37m The Cabin in the Woods (R) 2011 Thriller/Mystery 1h 45m The Descent (R) 2005 Thriller/Drama 1h 39m Demons 1985 Horror 1h 28m Loge & Mezzanine: General Admission seated first come first served MAIN FLOOR: General Admission VIP Seating with tables (Floor 2 and Floor 3). General Admission Seating (Floor 4 and 5). Open Seating within each section.

WHERE: The Wiltern’s Night Of Horror @ the Wiltern Theater 3790 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010.

Doors open at 7 pm.

SPEAKERS: ANNA HUTCHISON star of Cabin In The Woods."

For more information, visit the festival's website at:


Modern Horrors: Press Release: "In a branch into electronic publishing (well, you wouldn’t expect a physical edition from a streaming service would you?), TheHorrorShow.TV is pleased to announce its forthcoming publication of Modern Horrors, an A to Z of legendary US critic Scott Weinberg's horror movie reviews, dating from 2000 to 2015.

Available for pre-order now, and set for release on Halloween (of course), the massive e-book will be available as a Kindle exclusive, sensibly alphabetized, and comprising 800+ reviews from 2000 to 2015, with an easy jump-to-an-entry contents page – but no cheap jump scares.

“Scott Weinberg has had a profound impact on the psyche of my career more than any other film critics out there,” says James Wan, director of Saw and The Conjuring, in his exclusive introduction. But Wan isn’t the only one to weigh in on Weinberg’s legendary critical faculties – and his influence on indie horror filmmakers.

Scott Derrickson, director of Sinister, describes Weinberg as “a supremely knowledgeable and sharply incisive reviewer [who] knows and loves horror cinema as much as anyone I know.” Adds Darren Lynn Bousman, director of Saw II-IV, “Agree or disagree with his reviews, he is a fan of cinema and knows the art.”

“I suppose I always wanted to be a film critic,” says Weinberg. “Growing up, movies were pretty much all I talked about. (Fine. Video games too.) High school taught me that I had no natural skills, although according to other people, I did show a glimmer of promise in the writing department. My ultimate goal was to write about film for a newspaper, a magazine, or perhaps even television – so once I finally got on to ‘the internet’ and found a forum for my early writing, I just kept plowing forward. Some of these reviews are still available online somewhere,” he adds, “but most of them are not. Several of them were almost lost forever, and that would have made me very miserable indeed.”

The pre-order link for the UK version and the US edition."


Diamond Select Toys: "Aliens Xenomorph Queen Vinyl Bust Bank

A Diamond Select Toys release! Talk about protection! Your spare change is safe and sound under the watchful eye of this all-new Xenomorph queen Vinyl Bust Bank. Based on the matriarch’s appearance in Aliens, this beautifully rendered bank features a detailed sculpt by Jean St. Jean  and a collectible-quality paint application and stands alongside some of the finest Alien collectibles. But she also has a coin slot in her back and an access door in the base, so she’ll guard your quarters like they were her own children! If you were going to put all your eggs in one basket, this is it! Comes packaged in a clear polybag with dorsal spines. (Item #SEP152158, SRP: $29.99)


Cthulhu Idol Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl Bank

A Diamond Select Toys release! In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming! This new, glow-in-the-dark vinyl bank of the Old God Cthulhu, as described in the stories of H.P. Lovecraft, measures approximately 8 inches tall and is cast in a glowing material that is recharged in sunlight. Bring him along when exploring the tunnels beneath the Mountains of Madness, or even the sunken city of R’lyeh! Packaged in a clear polybag. Sculpted by Eli Livingston! (Item #FEB158317, SRP: $22.99)


Ghostbusters Slimer Metal Bottle Opener

A Diamond Select Toys release! When Slimer’s thirsty, no bottle cap will stand in his way! The free-floating phantasm from Ghostbusters is known for his love of food, but he also enjoys a good beverage, and this metal bottle opener will pry a cap off of a bottle faster than you can say “He slimed me!” Plus, magnets on the back will hang Slimer on your refrigerator or containment unit until you need him again! Packaged in a full-color slipcase. (Item #SEP152172, SRP: $18.00)


Godzilla Mechagodzilla Pizza Cutter

A Diamond Select Toys release! When the countryside is smothered in cheese, the government needs a solution! This plastic pizza cutter in the shape of Mechagodzilla’s head is the appropriate response to a large pizza that needs to be cut down to size. Grasp the head, roll the sharp plastic wheel across the pizza, then remove the blade for easy washing! Your pizza parties will be the talk of Monster Island! Packaged in a full-color window box. (Item #SEP152173, SRP: $14.99)


The Nightmare Before Christmas Pajama Jack Coffin Doll

A Diamond Select Toys release! Get ready for the big sleep! This frighteningly tall 16” doll of Jack Skellington in real cloth pajamas reproduces the classic figure of old for a new generation of The Nightmare Before Christmas fans. Packaged in a full-length coffin, with viewing window, Jack comes with pajamas, nightcap, and a large book about The Scientific Method. Perfect reading for when you’re trying to catch a few winks! Packaged in a coffin-shaped window box. Limited to only 1,993 pieces. (Item #SEP152171, SRP: $50.00)


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