If you're a fan of the Alien films, have a smaller-sized dog and want to display your love of Xenomorphs while out walking your four-legged friend, then you might be interested in a customized leash from Gotham City FX. The item comprises a foam facehugger attached to a harness, with a pale tail stretching out into a leash that you likely won't find at your local pet store.

We have the item's full details and images below (from Gotham City FX via Bloody Disgusting):

"Alien Facehugger Dog Leash


Alien Face Hugger dog leash with harness.

Designed to fit a small to medium sized dog, 15-35 pounds.

This leash connects with velcro around the neck and chest of the dog securing the Face Hugger to your pets back. The alien is made of foam and airbrush painted, the harness is a light weight but durable mesh. The leash is hidden within the tail of the alien and ends with a loop for easy walking."

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