With writer/director Sam Raimi appearing at Sony's Screen Gems panel in Hall H today at Comic-Con to discuss his feature film adaptation of the Naughty Dog survival video game, The Last Of Us, it was a guarantee that Evil Dead would be discussed at some point. Raimi indeed brought up the horror franchise when he announced that an Evil Dead TV show is in the works.

Deadline reveals that at the panel Raimi discussed the future of his horror franchise that began with 1981's The Evil Dead and has since spawned two sequels and a 2013 reboot/sequel. Here's what Raimi had to say about working on the next installment of the franchise with his brother Ivan Raimi (with whom he co-penned Army of Darkness) and the actor Bruce Campbell, who portrays the chainsaw-wielding protagonist Ash from the original trilogy:

“I always loved working on that series with Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert and my brother and I are writing the Evil Dead TV show right now…with Bruce Campbell.”

There are no further details to reveal at this time, though Raimi did mull over the idea of Bruce Campbell appearing in The Last of Us adaptation. We'll definitely keep Daily Dead readers updated on the future of the Evil Dead franchise when more details surface. Check back frequently this week, as we are covering Comic-Con live.

Source: Deadline
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