After it came to life on the big screen, the wheels began to turn on a series adaptation of Stephen King's epic The Dark Tower books, with Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead, Damien) joining the project as showrunner and executive producer back in 2017. Now, the project is gaining speed at Amazon, with Sam Strike cast in the lead role.

Deadline reports that in The Dark Tower series, Sam Strike (Mindhunter, Leatherface, Nightflyers) will play Roland Deschain, aka The Gunslinger. Additionally, Jasper Pääkkönen (Vikings, BlacKkKlansman) is expected to play the villainous Marten in the series, whom readers will remember as playing a key, devious role in Roland's past.

According to Deadline, the in-development series (which is "nearing a formal pilot order" at Amazon) will be more in line with the source material of King's books and will also be separate from the 2017 film. Described as an "origin story" for Roland, the series will explore "how he first became a gunslinger and got his guns, his first conflict with the man in black, his first love and his first mission as a gunslinger."

We'll keep Daily Dead readers updated as more details on The Dark Tower series are revealed.

Jasper Pääkkönen:

Source: Deadline
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