Out of all the films created by David Cronenberg, perhaps the two most vividly disturbing entries are 1981's Scanners and 1979's The Brood. These cinematic offerings from Cronenberg still haunt viewers today with their palpable practical effects, thought-provoking psychic themes, and skin-crawling scores by Howard Shore, which will be newly released on vinyl tomorrow by Mondo.

Mondo's Scanners / The Brood 180 gram vinyl will be available for $30 beginning tomorrow at a random time. Side A of the vinylc consists of nine pieces from the Scanners soundtrack, while Side B comprises a 12+ minute song from The Brood. Sam Wolfe Connelly created the new packaging artwork as well as multiple colorway options. Stay tuned to Mondo’s Twitter for the big announcement:

From Mondo: "Tomorrow, in collaboration with Howe Records, we'll be releasing a special “two cover” LP for director David Cronenberg’s classic mind and body-bender films Scanners and The Brood with original scores composed by Academy Award-winner Howard Shore.

Available for the first time ever on vinyl, Scanners/The Brood features cover art by Sam Wolfe Connelly on both sides of the packaging, and is pressed on 180 gram vinyl with two colorway options: a Scanners-themed Cream with Brown & Red Splatter mimicking the infamous head explosion and a Brood-themed Gray with Green Splatter to represent Nola's external womb."

Source: Mondo
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