Earlier this week, Scream Factory revealed they are releasing The Food of the Gods and Frogs next summer, and now the distributor has horror hounds looking forward to a creature feature season when school lets out, as four more titles have been brought onto the Blu-ray docket, pitting humans against a prehistoric reptile, a mutated octopus, killer ants, and a devilish king cobra.

From Scream Factory: "Since our announcement earlier this week of our double-bill of FOOD OF THE GODS & FROGS went over so well with the majority, we thought it would be exciting/surprising if we followed it up and revealed FOUR more “Animal-Creature attack” films coming sometime next Summer for the first time on the blu-ray format! So without further ado…

- Bert I Gordon’s EMPIRE OF THE ANTS (with “Dynasty’s” Joan Collins battling radioactive insects) will be paired with 1982’s devil-possessed cobra film JAWS OF SATAN (with Fritz Weaver as a priest and a young Christina Applegate) as a double feature.

- The Italian-made prehistoric campy octopus flick TENTACLES (starring John Huston and Shelly Winters) will share ocean space with another prehistoric campy water creature – the Danish-made REPTILICUS - on a double feature as well.

We still have more films to announce this month so be sure to check back here on our page this month to be the first to see them!"

Tentacles (all synopses via Blu-ray.com):

"Several people disappear from and at the sea. Their bodies are found gnawed to the skeleton, even the marrow is missing. The scientists have no idea which animal could do such things. Dr. Turner begins to suspect that the company which builds a tunnel beneath the bay might have poisoned the environment and caused an octopus to mutate to giant dimensions. Just at the same time a great sailing regatta with many children is started - among them Turner's nephew Tommy. Starring John Huston, Shelley Winters, Bo Hopkins, Henry Fonda, and Delia Boccardo."


"A portion of the tail of a prehistoric reptile is discovered in Denmark. It regenerates into the entire reptile, which proceeds to destroy buildings and property and generally make a nuisance of itself. It can fly, swim, and walk, and has impenetrable scales, which makes it difficult to kill. Starring Bent Mejding, Asbjørn Andersen, and Povl Wøldike"

Empire of the Ants:

"Brace yourself for mutant mayhem and pestilent payback in this "scary" (Los Angeles Times) and repulsively convincing" (The Hollywood Reporter) creature feature about good bugs gone BAD! Starring queen of mean Joan Collins, this incredible insect extravaganza is swarming with flesh-crawling chills, hair-raising thrills and spine-tingling terror...with a venge-ANTS! A heavenly paradise becomes a hellish nightmare when a toxic spill turns harmless ants into rampaging, radioactive reprobates! Stumbling into their creepy lair, a sleazy land developer (Collins) and her clients are horrified to realize that the ants are having a picnic...and humans are on the menu! Fleeing for their lives - only to be squashed underfoot - they soon discover that these bad-boy bugs are hell-bent on exterminating mankind, and building an evil empire where humans check in...but they can't check out! Starring Joan Collins, Robert Lansing, and Jacqueline Scott."

Jaws of Satan:

"A small-town priest with a wavering faith is challenged by an evil curse when Satan appears in the form of a deadly king cobra. Starring Fritz Weaver, Gretchen Corbett, and Jon Korkes."

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