Following their recent announcement of five new titles for 2019, Scream Factory's Blu-ray reveals for the new year continue with the announcement that they will release 1945's The Body Snatcher (starring Boris Karloff and Bela Legosi, and based on Robert Louis Stevenson's story of the same name) on Blu-ray on March 26th.

From Scream Factory: "Horror legends Boris Karloff, Bela Legosi and Val Lewton teamed up in 1945 to shock audiences with THE BODY SNATCHER. And we have it arriving on Blu-ray next year on March 26th!

Screen icon Boris Karloff plays the title role in the Val Lewton adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's The Body Snatcher, directed with subtle calculation by versatile Robert Wise (West Side Story, The Sound of Music). A doctor (Henry Daniell, The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake) needs cadavers for medical studies and Karloff is willing to provide them ... one way or another. The film also features a wonderful supporting performance by fellow horror icon Bela Lugosi.

Extras are in progress and will be announced on a later date.

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