The announcements continue to roll in from Scream Factory and we have news of two more cult classics making their way to DVD and possibly Blu-ray. Their weekly title update revealed that 1976's The Town That Dreaded Sundown and 1979's The Evictors will be released in 2013.

Unfortunately, we don't know if all Scream Factory titles will be getting a Blu-ray release, but so far, everything they are releasing this year is being sold on both formats. These movies have not previously been released on DVD in the US and we'll have more specifics in the coming months.

If you've missed out on any of the recent announcements, Shout! Factory's Scream Factory is building an impressive line-up of classic horror titles, which include: Halloween II, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, The Funhouse, Terror Train, They Live, Phantasm II, The Video Dead, Death Valley, The Island, Deadly Blessing, Prison, and The Nest.

Halloween II and III are already available, with Terror Train and The Funhouse due out on October 16th. Keep an eye out for more Scream Factory news and reviews in the very near future.

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