While Sideshow is known for making breathtaking collectibles based on pre-existing properties such as Marvel and DC, their original Court of the Dead is not to be missed! From collectibles to comics, games and more, Sideshow's original property is more popular than ever, and they've announced that this Friday is officially Court of the Dead Day:

Sideshow's original dark fantasy and horror property, Court of the Dead, will bring fans from both the Underworld and the Mortal Realm together for a brand new celebration: Court of the Dead Day on Friday, February 19!

From the mind of Tom Gilliland, this twisted and unique world has inspired statues, figures, art, comics, and more. To commemorate everything geeky and ghastly, and in true in Court of the Dead fashion, we’re bringing you spine-chilling live content, game shows, giveaways, product discounts, and Sideshow rewards in a day-long celebration of the Underworld.

FREE REGISTRATION for the event begins on Friday, February 12.

By registering for the event HERE, fans gain automatic entry into the grand prize pack as well as a $5 reward code. The event is completely FREE and registration gives access to exclusive opportunities as a part of the macabre festivities.

What is Court of the Dead?

The universe is cruelly imbalanced. All of existence is mired in an endless battle between Heaven and Hell, waged for longer than anyone can remember.

The war machines of both celestial realms turn on power stolen from mortal souls. Death himself is enslaved by the singular task of harvesting the dead, yet he yearns for a more noble purpose.

Compelled by the plight of the mortals, Death creates the Court of the Dead. This unlikely council is intended to spark his rebellious ambition to set in motion a daring plan to end the war.

Facing the forces of Heaven and Hell will not be easy. Death and his allies must not only defeat those mightier, but also tame their own destructive nature.  To achieve their noble goal of peace and balance, they will have to…

Rise. Conquer. Rule.

What does Court of the Dead Day entail? 


There will be tons of giveaways (including some regal Premium Format™ Figures, rare collectibles, and crypt-bound creatures) going on across our social platforms as well as in the Facebook groups.

The grand prize of the whole event includes: • Mourner’s Call Board Game• Dark Harvest Playing Card Game• Underworld United Deck Case• Underworld United Play Mat

Additionally, during Court of the Dead: Alive From The Underworld!, viewers will have the chance to win an ultra-rare, exclusive illustration from the upcoming book Rise of the Reaper General. Signed by Tom Gilliland and artist Rachel Roubicek, this is an 11" x 14" print numbered 1/1.

Follow Court of the Dead online to help bolster your chances, click those notification bells, and get those alerts! • Rise, Conquer, Rule Facebook Group• Facebook• Instagram• Twitter

As a part of the frightful festivities, fans have the opportunity to claim a free PDF download of the Court of the Dead original short story Conscientia Infinitum, introducing mourners and mortals alike to the Great Oracle Ellianastis.

Embark on the path of Spirit with this new glimpse into the Underworld, written by Amy Chase and illustrated by Abigail Larson.

Streaming Content

The first event of the day is a LIVE discussion of the gaming side of Court of the Dead, including a closer look at Court of the Dead Mourner’s Call (Kickstarter Edition), an epic board game by Project Raygun.

Then, we’ll have Court of the Dead: Alive from the Underworld. This livestream event features exciting gameshow content like Win, Lose, or Die as well as videos about Court lore, behind-the-scenes information and interviews, and other looks into this rich world that you won’t want to miss!

In the afternoon, participate in the Faction Quiz walkthrough and discussion about the Underworld via the Rise, Conquer, Rule Facebook Group.

Finally, anticipate some familiar faces in our Instant GiveawayCobbled Cosplay100% Promo Hunt, and Friends With No Benefits online shows throughout the day.

100% off Promo Hunts

During this special livestream, we will announce when a mystery treasure has been hidden on our website; these will take the form of an extremely limited 100% off promotional code on a random collectible that only the fastest handful of people will be able to claim.

Game Shows

The game shows include Cobbled Cosplay and a scary-good episode of Win, Lose, or Die. You can enter for your chance to be a contestant on one of these shows HERE.

Cobbled Cosplay

If you love costumes, makeup, and watching people stress out over time constraints and fashion faux-pas, Cobbled Cosplay is the one for you. Contestants will play by proxy, aligning themselves with one of our two cosplayers, Amy Chase and Andrew Ceco, one of whom will be crowned Court of the Dead Cobbled Cosplay champion!

Win, Lose, or DIE

If you like Dungeons and Dragons and horror stories, Win, Lose, or Die is the one for you! This is a cutthroat Choose Your Own Adventure style game that results in somebody either going home with all the glory (an amazing prize!) or DYING (losing their shot at the prize).  If any or all of these game shows sound fun to you, you can register for a chance to play—and a chance to win—during Court of the Dead Day HERE.

If you want to brush up on your Court of the Dead knowledge before the big day, be sure to watch School of the Dead, an episodic video essay series chronicling the characters and content from this expansive world. A new episode drops every Friday.

For complete rules, details, and the full schedule of events, click HERE.

You can view the terms and conditions for Sideshow contests at side.show/contest.