Impressively sculpted and accompanied by intriguing backstories, Sideshow Collectibles' Court of the Dead figures will come to life in Court of the Dead: Underworld Rising. The newly announced video game from Sideshow and Arcade Distillery recently launched a Kickstarter campaign that should interest fans looking to role-play within the afterlife's realms of heaven and hell.

To learn more about Court of the Dead: Underworld Rising, visit the game's official Kickstarter page. We also have details and announcement videos for the game:

From Kickstarter: "Live your afterlife in this role-playing video game set in an original dark fantasy world created by Sideshow.

Most mortals know that Heaven and Hell have been in conflict over their souls for almost all of time. What they do not know is the terrible truth that you have just discovered: Their battle is not for salvation or damnation. Heaven and Hell fight only to destroy each other. Mortal souls are little more than wisps of fuel for their mighty war engines.

But you, fortunate soul, have found refuge in the Underworld. Perched between the savage celestial struggle and the mortal plane, Death oversees this realm, which is tasked with reaping souls and feeding them to Heaven and Hell. But the Alltaker is secretly plotting to rise up. Death and his Court of the Dead seek to transcend their dark reaper natures, and free both the Underworld and the Mortal Realm from the celestials’ oppressive regime.

Over the ages, Death has secretly filled the Underworld with souls in an effort to build an army of liberated "mourners." As his latest recruit, it is time to master your newfound powers and help the Underworld prepare to confront Heaven and Hell. Join Death and his Court of the Dead in the fight for your afterlife.

Underworld Rising is a role-playing video game set in the dark fantasy world of the Court of the Dead, created by Tom Gilliland of Sideshow. In this richly-illustrated 2D environment, you will join a faction and travel the Underworld, building an army of collectible followers. Journey on epic quests and challenge other players to combat in order to grow your legend and play your part in the Underworld’s bid to Rise, Conquer, Rule!

Game Features:

  • Explore the Underworld and meet its diverse population, depicted in rich hand-painted 2D art
  • Serve one of three distinct factions, each featuring its own unique play style and visual design
  • Interact with the many denizens of the Underworld through a dynamic, reputation-based relationship system
  • Collect and customize hundreds of unique followers to accompany you on dangerous quests and fight in strategy-focused, turn-based combat
  • Compete in online battles against other players
  • Available for PlayStation 4 and Steam (Windows PC, Mac, Linux)

In Court of the Dead: Underworld Rising, we'll bring the Underworld to life. The Land of the Dead is home to deserted nooks, crowded crannies and architecture from all throughout history. This expansive and varied landscape, which is showcased in The Chronicle of the Underworld book, will provide countless backdrops for immersive storytelling. Some of the places you'll explore include...

  • Illverness, capital of the Underworld, home to diverse locales such as the bewitching and bustling marketplace of Curio Cryptus
  • The desolate and dangerous Wallows outside of the city walls, rife with deadly creatures and rewarding treasure
  • Your faction's custom headquarters, where only members can gain access to its unique benefits

...and a host of new, haunting and beautiful locales crafted just for the game experience.

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