Assembled by Death amidst a raging war between Heaven and Hell, the Court of the Dead is made up of lost souls yanked from their destined afterlife paths and pulled into Death’s domain to be remade in his twisted image. An original IP from Sideshow Collectibles, Court of the Dead features richly detailed character figures with fleshed-out backstories. Yesterday we shared impressions and photos from our tour of Sideshow's Comic-Con booth, and today we have a look at Court of the Dead's artwork gallery.

Below we have a gallery of Court of the Dead concept art and character images. If you're unfamiliar with Court of the Dead, here's an official introduction:

“The war between Heaven and Hell has raged for as long as anyone can remember, a savage conflict burning with a destructive fury that threatens to one day consume all of creation.

Only Death stands between these cataclysmic forces, positioned as the unlikely arbiter of Man’s souls –an energy source used to feed the gluttonous war machines on both sides of this unending struggle.

Seeking to bring balance to the afterlife, Death assembles the Court of the Dead, filling the Underworld with the souls he has diverted from their celestial destinations and reshaping them according to his vision.

These creations become his Queen. His generals. His assassins. His spies. And though the Court sits divided into the factions of Spirit, Bone, and Flesh, together against the destructive forces of Heaven and Hell they all stand as one. Together, the Court of the Dead shall…

Rise, Conquer, Rule”

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