*Season 3 Finale Spoiler Warning* We've put together highlights from Q&A's conducted with Laurie Holden by The Hollywood Reporter and AMC. She provides some behind-the-scenes details on changes to the Season 3 finale, and discusses her part in The Governor/Woodbury story arc.

Via THR: When did you find out that Andrea was going to die?

Laurie Holden: I got the official word a few days before we began principal photography on the finale. [Departing showrunner] Glen Mazzara called me. It was a shock to everyone. It was never part of the original story document for season three and was rather unexpected. That said, this is The Walking Dead and the show is not conventional by any means. We know as actors going in what this gig is about. You just roll with it. I had one hell of a run and feel blessed to have had three great seasons.

The way the scene was filmed when Andrea frees herself, it seemed like it really could have gone either way for her. Was there talk about changing her outcome?

Laurie Holden: There were two versions of that that were shot. The first one portrayed her as the ultimate victim and that was not the story that I think needed to be told or that any of us could put our shoulder behind. We went back and did another version -- the final version -- which is much more satisfactory. Andrea went out with grace, dignity and was reunited with people she loved and was able to voice how she felt and what was in her heart. After a tumultuous season, I'm so grateful that she was able to say what needed to be said and share that with her family.

Are you stratified with how she went out?

Laurie Holden: One-hundred percent. [Season four showrunner] Scott Gimple did the second version of her passing and I will be forever grateful to him for honoring this character and allowing her to go out with grace. What was written was perfect, organic and true to the character. It couldn't have been penned more beautifully.

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via AMC: What a Season Finale! Did you have any input into Andrea's final moments?

A: No, but what was written... the actual words that were spoken, felt absolutely perfect. It was organic and true to the character and I am grateful that her intent, what was most important in her heart, was finally spoken and shared.

How do you feel about Andrea's fate?

A. I will never think of her as a victim... I see her as a casualty of war. Andrea had a tumultuous journey this season, but at the end of the day, in spite of everything, so many positive things came out of it; the people of Woodbury did escape and reach their sanctuary and none of the people at the prison were killed.

Andrea spends her last moments talking about why she didn't kill the Governor when she had the chance. You're a human rights activist; can you relate to her dilemma?

A: Absolutely, 100 percent. Listen, do I think it's sad and a bit depressing that this woman got caught up in a bad situation and ended up losing her life? Yes, it is obviously a tragedy. But I truly believe Andrea's death was not in vain. She went down fighting for the people. She believed in humanity. And at the end of the day, that is all that matters, really. Sometimes one must fall for the others to rise. And I am glad it was her and not any of the people she loved and cared for.

What do you think about your character's arc on the show?

A: It's been such an incredible journey; the fact that this woman who was once suicidal and had no will to live, was able to grow, evolve and emerge not only as a survivor but as a leader? That's been such an amazing gift for me as an artist. And I feel blessed to have had a three-season run. I am truly proud of this woman's journey; I love who she became and what she stood for at the end of the world. After losing everyone and everything, she never lost her heart.

What are some artifacts or mementos you have that you'll hold onto to remember your time on the show?

A: I have been sent the most amazing artwork from people all over the world. The most beautiful lithographs and sculptures -- I've been so touched by people's creativity. I would have liked to take my gun, but I don't think they would have let me on the plane with that!

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