2010's Stake Land gave us a look at a post-apocalyptic world that was rebuilding after a vampire epidemic wiped out much of the population. A feature film sequel is not moving forward, but a new report reveals that Jim Mickle and Nick Damici plan to continue the story in a new TV series.

According to an interview on The Wrap, the series will take place seven years after Stake Land and we'll see the vampire disease continue to mutate:

“They all mutated, there's tons of different vamps,” Damici explained. “I said to Greg, the only thing I'll need — I'll write my ass off — the only thing is I've got to have enough of a budget to have flying vamps. It spread to animals, so we've got vamp dogs and a vamp bear.”

The series is being developed by Jim Mickle and Nick Damici, along with Stake Land executive producer Greg Newman. It sounds like the project is still in the early development stages, so it's not likely that a network is involved at this point, but we don't think it will have too much difficulty moving forward with networks looking to replicate the success of The Walking Dead. We'll let Daily Dead readers know as soon as more details become available.