Following its world premiere at Fantastic Fest earlier this year (in case you missed it, read Heather Wixson's interview with writer/director A.T. White here), Starfish (starring Virginia Gardner from 2018's Halloween) has been acquired by Yellow Veil Pictures and The Orchard for distribution in multiple territories, with a theatrical release planned for spring of 2019 ahead of the movie's digital release: 

Press Release: Los Angeles, CA // November 8, 2018: Arthouse genre sales agency Yellow Veil Pictures and The Orchard have signed on a multi-territory distribution deal for A.T. White’s cosmic horror film STARFISH. The film world premiered at Austin’s Fantastic Fest this past September and the deal was finalized out of AFM.

STARFISH is an honest portrayal of loss, starring Virginia Gardner (HALLOWEEN, 2018; RUNAWAYS, 2017) as a young woman who struggles with the death of her best friend, while trying to assemble a series of clues left on mixtapes in order to stop a monstrous end to the world as we know it. Driven by Lovecraftian imagery, White layers the film with upbeat indie music contrasted by a haunting, orchestral score also composed by the writer/director.

The deal includes all digital rights for US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand territories. A separate theatrical release is planned for early Spring ahead of the The Orchard’s digital release.

“I’m deeply humbled to be launching my first feature film with The Orchard; a company that are so passionate and supportive to bold filmmakers. ‘Starfish’ is deeply personal to me and I’m honoured it has found a home amongst their catalogue.” says director A.T. White

Andrew Borden of The Orchard negotiated the deal with Joe Yanick, Hugues Barbier and Justin Timms on behalf of Yellow Veil Pictures.

STARFISH is produced by We Are Tessellate, Spellbound Entertainment and 3ROUNDBURST Productions

Yellow Veil Pictures is a New York and Los Angeles based worldwide film sales company. Focusing exclusively on boundary pushing genre cinema, seeking to highlight emergent filmmakers who exist on the cusp of commercial, arthouse cinema. The company currently handles worldwide sales on Tillman Singer’s Luz and the upcoming debut by Josh Lobo, A Man in the Dark.

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