Status Update on Suspiria Remake

2011/12/08 23:50:42 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Continuing the constant stream of remake news this week, we have a status update on the remake of Suspiria. David Gordon Green has been talking about filming a remake of Suspiria for a while now, but as more time passed, we thought it was less likely to see the light of day. According to a recent interview with David Gordon Green, he's still moving forward with the project:

On the topic of whether or not Black Swan helped or hurt a Suspiria remake, David Gordon Green mentions that it's helping him to sell the movie:

"No, that adds to it.... That means there’s an audience for prestige in genre, and to me, that’s exciting. We’re really close to getting that movie made if I can get over a couple more budgetary hurdles I think I can pull it off. My version doesn’t really have any similarities to “Black Swan,” but it proves to the marketplace that you can take a great risk and you can have something that has great artistic ambition, but also has incredible commercial appeal."

To read comments on the remake from earlier this year, visit our previous coverage:


Source: STYD