There are a lot of perks to living in California, but one of my recent traditions has become the various screenings held by the fine folks at Street Food Cinema, who bring out a cavalcade of food trucks for each film event, as well as live musical entertainment, special guests, and more. SFC is a great way to experience some of your favorite movies underneath the stars, and if you live in the LA area, I highly recommend checking out what Street Food Cinema has to offer.

SFC recently announced their 2018 slate of screenings for Los Angeles and the surrounding areas in California , and here’s a look at the various genre-related movies (and some other films I thought readers might be interested in) that will be playing from May through the end of October. To see the entire Street Food Cinema schedule, check out their site HERE.

May 5thGet Out, Los Angeles State Historic Park (Downtown)

May 26thRaiders of the Lost Ark, Will Rogers State Historic Park (Pacific Palisades)

June 23rdBack to the Future, King Gillette Ranch (Malibu)

July 7thE.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Will Rogers State Historic Park (Pacific Palisades)

August 4thHairspray (1988), Poinsettia Rec Park (West Hollywood)

August 11thScott Pilgrim vs. the World, Verdugo Park (Glendale)

September 15th The Craft and Teen Witch Pajama Party, Los Angeles State Historic Park (Cornfields – Downtown)

September 29thPractical Magic, Park Center (Griffith Park)

September 29thThe Nightmare Before Christmas: 25th Anniversary, King Gillette Ranch (Malibu)

October 6thCorpse Bride, Victory Park (Pasadena)

October 6thIT (2017), Poinsettia Rec Park (West Hollywood)

October 13thTwilight, Glendale Central Park (Glendale)

October 13thHalloween (1978), Eagle Rock Rec Park (Eagle Rock)

October 20thScream, Los Angeles State Historic Park (Downtown)

October 20thEdward Scissorhands, Will Rogers State Historic Park (Pacific Palisades)

October 27thShaun of the Dead, Veterans Memorial Park (Culver City)

October 27thCoco, Victory Park (Pasadena)

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