Subspecies is Coming to Blu-ray

2011/07/09 18:17:04 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Full Moon Features will be releasing a 20th anniversary Blu-ray edition of Subspecies later this month, but those attending the San Diego Comic-Con will be able to pick up a copy early. Everyone else will be able to purchase the 20th anniversary edition on Blu-ray or DVD starting July 25 at Full Moon Direct.

If you haven't seen this any of this cult classic vampire series, here is the plot synopsis for the first film:

"Two vampire brothers, one good, the other evil, are reunited by the death of their father. Three beautiful young research students, including the good brother's true love, are caught in the supernatural siblings' struggle for control of the vampire kingdom."

For more information and to see the cover art, we've included the official sales sheet.