Substitute teaching can be scary on its own terms, but when the faculty and student body are susceptible to Lovecraftian horrors that threaten the Earth's very existence, it can be downright horrifying. That doesn't mean it's without humor, though, as evidenced by Dan Samiljan's new short film The Sub, which you can watch in its entirety right here on Daily Dead.

"Recently completing its festival circuit, The Sub was an official selection of the Nashville Film Fest, the Independent Film Fest of Boston and Scotland’s Dead by Dawn International Horror Film Fest.

The Sub features practical creature effects by Tony Gardner and his Oscar-nominated team at Alterian, Inc. (the Chucky franchise, Bad Grandpa, Army of Darkness), stop-motion animation by Max Winston (Robot Chicken, The SpongeBob Movie), and a cameo by Scream Queen Heather Langenkamp ("Nancy" from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise).

The Sub is the story of Mae Zalinski—a 20-something girl who reluctantly takes a job as a substitute teacher at her old rival high school. We follow Mae on her first day as things go from bad to worse as she starts to uncover the strange, possibly evil underbelly of this seemingly perfect high school. From the odd, overly-friendly vice-principal to the Children-of-the-Corn-esque students, Mae is soon in way over her head. But you know what they say: high school can be a real pain in the class! (Okay, fine, no one says that, but it's on our poster.)"

  • Derek Anderson
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