For many readers, the illustrations on the covers of Stephen King's novels are just as indelible as the stories told on the pages within, and Suntup Editions is paying tribute to these iconic images with The Covers Collection, a new series of giclée prints featuring the artwork that graced the covers of King's hardcovers, including Pet Sematary’Salem's Lot, and IT.

The Covers Collection features the work of ten artists and 15 book cover artworks (displayed in their full form without the title text and other additions that appear on book covers).

These highly limited edition prints are available in sizes 18”x24” or 11”x17” (and other dimensions in some cases), come signed by the artist, and are limited to just 100 copies apiece. Those who sign up for The Covers Collection series can look forward to receiving one a month in the mail.

To learn more about The Covers Collection, visit Suntup Editions' website, and be sure to also check out The Eyes of the Dragon Art Portfolio, featuring David Palladini's 24 illustrations for Stephen King's 1987 fantasy novel.

Press Release: IRVINE, CA, May 30, 2017 – Suntup Editions is pleased to announce the release of The Covers Collection. Experience your favorite Stephen King classics like never before. Suntup Editions is collaborating with ten original book cover artists, representing fifteen of Stephen King’s most iconic trade edition hardcovers. Now, for the first time, Stephen King collectors will be able to showcase the classic artwork in the way it was intended to be viewed.

Bold, up close, and printed on our highest quality paper, experience the full impact of the art. When publishers are presented with the artwork, they often alter the size, tone or color to fit the printing parameters, and add the title and author text. Now, you are able to appreciate the artwork in a way never seen before, signed by the original artist.

These Collector Grade 1st Edition, original cover art prints are exclusively available through Suntup Editions and are limited to only 100 copies worldwide, and 20 copies with an original remarque. Printed on our finest quality paper, in the highest detail imaginable, you can appreciate every brush stroke and pencil line of the original artwork from your favorite classics.

• Museum Quality Giclée prints of the first trade edition cover art.

• Signed and authorized by the original cover artist.

• Limited to only 100 copies worldwide, plus 10 Artist Proofs and 5 Publisher Proofs for private distribution.

• A limited selection of artwork in the series will include an original Remarque on the first 20 prints.

• Shipped with a Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity from the publisher.

• Printed on 300 GSM, 100% cotton fiber paper that is Acid-Free, Lignin-Free, ChlorineFree and with No Optical Brighteners.

• Prints are embossed with our publisher’s mark.

• View the artwork as originally intended, before trade publisher’s alterations.

• Choice of size: Available in 18”x24” or 11”x17”.*

• At launch, covers include: The Shining by Dave Christensen, Pet Sematary by Linda Fennimore and Misery by Bob Giusti. Future releases include ‘Salem’s Lot by Dave Christensen, Firestarter and Cujo by Steven Stroud, IT by Bob Giusti, Needful Things, Gerald’s Game and Nightmares & Dreamscapes by Rob Wood, and more to be announced.

• Also included is a selection of limited edition cover art including those by Ned Dameron, Stephen Gervais and Don Maitz.

• Available with or without professional framing (framing has acid-free backing and acidfree mattes with picture quality plexiglass which has inherent UV filters.)

• In stock at time of release and ready to ship, no waiting. Prints will be released at the rate of one every month.

• Optional archival Art Folio Box

• Professionally packaged and mailed safely.

• A unique, exclusive opportunity to own a complete set of these cover art prints, signed by the original artists.

• All prints are expertly printed in-house, so we have full control over printing and quality.

* Or 16” x 24” and 17” x 12.5” for some prints in order to maintain the aspect ratio of the originals.

Collectible Archival Art Folio

Many collectors will not have the wall space to display all of the beautiful prints in this series. We have therefore made available a custom, foil stamped archival Art Folio Box, designed to fit both print sizes. Protect your prints from dust, dirt and other pollutants. These folio boxes shield and protect the prints and are constructed of archival quality board lined with acid-free paper, with the exterior covered in a beautiful buckram cloth. Safely store, view and appreciate the prints in this archival art folio box.

Subscription Option and Series Discount:

Collectors and fans can guarantee not to miss out on the opportunity to own all the prints by subscribing to the series. As a Covers Collection Subscriber, members will receive a 20% discount on all prints purchased, and have an opportunity to match numbers.

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