If you've been waiting for Supernatural Season 8 to hit Blu-ray and DVD, Warner Bros. has just announced that it will be released on September 10th. Here's a look at the official cover art and the list of bonus features that will be included:

"After a year apart, the Winchester brothers reunite after Dean (Ackles) escapes from Purgatory with the help of a vampire named Benny (Olsson). Dean heads straight for Sam (Padalecki), but the reunion isn't exactly everything he imagined it would be. Although Sam drops everything to join his brother, leaving the life he had grown accustomed to turns out to be harder than he imagined. In the meantime, Benny's help turns out to be more than what Dean bargained for. As the brothers struggle with their return to hunting, they make a shocking discovery that could lead them on a deeply personal mission to settle old scores."

Bonus Features Include:

  • Producer Commentaries on Select Episodes
  • Raiders of the Lost Tablets
  • The Story of Castiel
  • Lost & Found
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel

Source: Blu-ray.com