A boy's imaginary friend returns with a vengeance as a young adult in Daniel Isn't Real, the latest film from Adam Egypt Mortimer (Some Kind of Hate), and ahead of the movie's world premiere at SXSW Film Festival, the eerie first poster for the movie has been unveiled.

You can check out the haunting and striking poster for Daniel Isn't Real below. Directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer from a screenplay he co-wrote with Brian DeLeeuw (based on DeLeeuw's novel In This Way I Was Saved), Daniel Isn't Real stars Patrick Schwarzenegger, Miles Robbins, Sasha Lane, Hannah Marks, and Mary Stuart Masterson.

Daniel Isn't Real is produced by Daniel Noah, Josh C. Waller, Lisa Whalen, Elijah Wood, and the film was executive produced by Peter Wong, Emma Chang, Timur Bekbosunov, Johnny Chang, Stacy Jorgensen, Elisa Lleras, and Michael M. McGuire.

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Synopsis: "Starring Patrick Schwarzenegger, Miles Robbins, Sasha Lane, Hannah Marks, and Mary Stuart Masterson, DANIEL ISN’T REAL is the story of traumatized 8-year old Luke, who invents an imaginary friend named Daniel who leads them both into a world of fantasy and imagination. After Daniel tricks Luke into doing something terrible, Luke is forced to lock him away. Twelve years later, Luke brings Daniel back -- and he now appears as a charming, manipulative young man with a terrifying secret agenda. The film is directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer (Some Kind of Hate, Holidays) and based on the acclaimed book In This Way I Was Saved."


Saturday, March 9 at 11:55PM - Alamo Ritz (320 E 6th Street)

Sunday, March 10 at 11:15PM - Alamo Lamar (1120 S Lamar Blvd)

Wednesday, March 13 at 8:00PM - Alamo Lamar (1120 S Lamar Blvd)

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