Syfy Films Announced

2010/12/15 21:30:54 +00:00 | Jonathan James

The Syfy channel is moving on from original films on television to full theatrical releases with Universal Pictures:

"Syfy Ventures and Universal Pictures have teamed to create Syfy Films, a film company that will generate theatrical films that will be branded by the Syfy label and will be distributed by Universal. The hope is to leverage Syfy's genre experience in science fiction, fantasy, supernatural and horror. The plan is to begin generating two movies per year by 2012."

Syfy sometimes gets a bad rap for its cheesy original films and reality shows, but their strategy for releasing B-movies has worked for the station and filmmakers who couldn't get their films released elsewhere. I think they are more than capable of putting the talent together to make some great films, but only time will tell. I'm definitely interested in hearing more about what they are going to put out as their first major theatrical effort.

Source: Deadline