Terror Vision has quickly become one of my go-to labels for obscure horror titles, and they're getting a jump-start on the Halloween season with #13WeeksOfHalloween, offering an eclectic mix of new, rare, and cult releases on VHS, Blu-ray, 4K UHD, LP, and cassette:

"Halloween is Terror Vision's favorite time of the year but it's always a bummer when it's over. Much like many of you, the beloved genre distributor begins celebrating the spooky season in September... but this year, that's not good enough - and that's why they've created #13WeeksOfHalloween.

Starting August 1st and running through October 31st, Terror Vision will be dropping titles every single Tuesday (#TerrorVisionTuesday) with exciting new releases ranging from the early 1900s to brand new 2023 titles. Most of the releases will be horror or horror adjacent and many of them new to disc, so if you're ready for a mountain of Halloween treats, read on!

Terror Vision will be releasing a definitive triple LP edition of the score to THE MONSTER SQUAD, the score to RUMPLESTILTSKIN on cassette and LP, and, following their Blu-ray release of COPPERHEAD earlier this year, will be releasing the film on VHS... along with the its recently-announced LP! In addition, LINNEA QUIGLEY’S HORROR WORKOUT (1990) will finally be available on VHS and Blu-ray, with its outrageous score available on LP and cassette! For fans of Roman Polanski's ROSEMARY’S BABY (1968), Terror Vision is dropping the classic film's score on cassette, as well!

The distributor is also announcing their second UHD title with the release of 2023's MALUM, which will simultaneously be getting a VHS release. The Aussie cult hit CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY VANILLA (2014) will be making its U.S. Blu-ray debut with a new HD upgrade, along with plenty of extras including the first season of DRAGON FORCE X! Terror Vision is also releasing the Indonesian exploitation film ESCAPE FROM HELL HOLE (1983), restored in 2K from its original camera negative; the almost-lost-to-time SOV slasher SHRECK (1990) from veteran horror filmmakers Don Adams and Henry Picardi; and Tony Elwood's long-forgotten 1990 slasher film KILLER!, restored in 2K from its original 8mm camera negative!
With #13WeeksOfHalloween, Terror Vision promises a ton of surprises and an onslaught of titles for fans to choose from. Here's just a little taste of what else is being released this year:

1911's silent Italian classic DANTE’S INFERNO - from directors Francesco Bertolini, Adolfo Padovan, and Giuseppe de Liguoro - scanned in 4K from one of the world's only remaining prints, and featuring multiple scores to choose from.

A brand new 4K scan from the only remaining print of Bill Leslie and Terry Lofton's THE NAIL GUN MASSACRE (1985).

One of the most highly-requested horror releases of all time, Maurice Devereaux’s SLASHERS (2001)... featuring multiple cuts of the film!

A double dose of hicksploitation backwoods romps with 'GATOR BAIT (1974) and 'GATOR BAIT 2: CAJUN JUSTICE (1988)... both in HD!

Another highly requested SOV title hits Terror Vision's library with HOLLOW GATE (1988)! Numerous other titles from the infamous - and now-defunct - City Lights Entertainment will also be coming, all scanned from their original tape masters! Looking for even more SOV horror? Then get ready for the Danny Bonaduce-starring shot-on-video classic AMERICA’S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO (1993), packed with a ton of killer extras! Indonesian wackiness with THE DEVIL’S SWORD (1984), from a 2K scan of the original camera negative.

For slasher fans, Terror Vision will be releasing an all-new version of Beverly Sebastian's ROCKTOBER BLOOD (1984), which has been frankensteined together from the film's original master tapes - guaranteed to be the ultimate release of this often-overlooked slasher.

They also have the Fred Williamson-starring BLACK COBRA (1987) and BLACK COBRA 2 (1989) coming in HD for the very first time.

Japan’s first Giallo-inspired-horror film, Banmei Takahashi's DOOR (1988), finally arrives in the U.S. with a stunning new restoration.

Another highly-requested SOV film arrives at Terror Vision with Jon McBride’s WOODCHIPPER MASSACRE (1988).
The Kevin Coster-starring erotic thriller SHADOWS RUN BLACK (1984) will also be making its Blu-ray debut at Terror Vision, alongside a number of rare Italian titles including Renato Savino's THE CHILDREN OF VIOLENT ROME (1976) and Antonio Margheriti's TIGER JOE (1982) and TORNADO (1983). And to top it off, they're also releasing Jeff Leroy’s HELL’S HIGHWAY (2002), Clay Westervelt’s Jim Wynorski documentary POPATOPOLIS (2009), and Alex Orr’s BLOOD CAR (2007) starring Anna Chlumsky!

Terror Vision has recently made deals with Paramount, MGM, and numerous other studios, guaranteeing fans a plethora of great titles coming down the pipeline in 2023 and beyond. Between Blu-rays, UHDs, VHS tapes, cassettes, and LPs, the distributor has over eighty releases scheduled throughout the rest of this calendar year - spanning classic films, kung fu box sets, even more box sets, Korean films, slashers, Italian films, more SOV craziness, and plenty more 70s, 80s, and 90s goodies!

For serious collectors of physical media, the distributor has again retained their popular Terror Vision Video Club, which allows fans the opportunity to subscribe to Blu-ray/UHD releases in tiers of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 titles. Subscription rates are 10 titles for $225 ($22.50 per movie), 20 titles for $427 ($21.35 per movie), 30 titles for $630 ($21.00 per movie), 40 titles for $832 ($20.80 per movie), and 50 titles for $1000 ($20.00 per movie).

For fans who sign up for the popular 50 title option - all the above titles in this announcement will be included in that package, and will be spread out over the following months. Box sets are always part of the subscription, with certain sets qualifying as one, two, or three film releases. Don't fret, Terror Vision promises to be very fair with fans and never take advantage, noting that box sets will never be tabulated on a per film basis (i.e. fans will always come out even or ahead on the number of films they recieve!).

Terror Vision also continues their successful cassette club and vinyl clubs this spooky season. $200 lands subscribers the label's next six vinyl releases, each of which contain a unique variant and are hand-numbered. $145 will secure subscribers the label's next ten cassettes, all of which also contain a special variant.

For those unfamiliar with the world of Terror Vision, the label is owned by Ryan Graveface. Founded in 2015 as a LP, cassette, and VHS distributor, they expanded to Blu-ray releases in 2021 and, in early 2023, hired Brad Henderson (acquisitions/special features) and Justin Beahm (special features/editor). Since day one, Terror Vision has employed artist and layout extraordinaire Earl Kess, whose handiwork can be found on every single one of their releases. In addition to owning Terror Vision, Ryan owns the oddities haven Graveface Museum, with locations in Chicago, IL and Savannah, GA, as well as Graveface Records (including a record label and physical shop), Graveface Distribution, and the event space The Lodge of Sorrows."

To keep up with all things Terror Vision, visit: https://www.terror-vision.com/