Although it's not the New Year yet, Scream Factory's already gearing up for 2016 by announcing two double feature Blu-ray releases for February 23rd: The Curse / Curse II: The Bite and Millennium / R.O.T.O.R.

From Scream Factory: "More retro double features are planned for blu-ray release in the beginning of the new year! Read on for all the details:


- THE CURSE (1987) Young Zach Hayes' (Wil Wheaton, Stand by Me) life on the family dairy farm is what anyone would expect. Hard work, long hours and the normal family squabbles. When an ice-blue meteor plunges through the midnight sky, Zach sees in hand on their property. Zach and the local doctor discover that something inside the meteor is infecting the local water on their farm. Fruits, which looked perfect on the outside are teeming with worms… and Zach's family is beginning to change…hideously. This shocker is directed by actor David Keith (Firestarter, White of the Eye) and co-stars Claude Akins (Tentacles), Malcolm Danare (Christine), Cooper Huckabee (The Funhouse) and John Schneider (Smallville).

- CURSE II: THE BITE (1989) Two young lovers, Clark (J. Eddie Peck) and Lisa (Jill Schoelen, The Stepfather), traveling through the desert unwittingly pass through an abandoned nuclear test-site which has become a breeding ground for deadly mutant killer snakes and when Clark is bitten he undergoes a grotesque transformation into a hideous snake monster! This chiller filled with slithering horror also stars Jamie Farr (M*A*S*H*), Shiri Appleby (Roswell) and Bo Svenson (Walking Tall Part II).

Street date is 2/23/16 Pre-order now @


- MILLENNIUM (1989) When safety investigator Bill Smith (Kris Kristofferson, Blade) looks into a disastrous airplane crash, he soon makes a shocking discovery-one that will impact the future of humanity itself. The beautiful but mysterious Louise (Cheryl Ladd, Charlie's Angels) may prove to be the key to it all-but can Smith figure out the truth in time? Daniel J. Travanti (Hill Street Blues) also stars in this centuries-spanning tale from the director of Logan's Run.

- R.O.T.O.R (1987) When corrupt Police Commander Earl Buglar orders the development and construction of the ultimate weapon in the war on crime, robotics expert Barrett Coldyron warns against the dangers of such a project-and loses his job in the process. In order to further his political ambitions, Buglar recklessly continues the project without Coldyron. But when the prototype R.O.T.O.R (Robotic Office Tactical Operation Research) is accidentally activated, the city's got a mechanical maniac acting as judge, jury, and executioner—and only Coldyron can stop him.

Street date is 2/23/16 Pre-order now @"

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