Unless you find the Necronomicon wrapped under your tree, you should be safe from Deadites this holiday season. Unless, like two passionate Ash vs Evil Dead fans, you make a gingerbread house version of the creepy cabin in the woods from The Evil Dead franchise.

Combining talented edible design with attention to detail and an obvious love of Ash Williams' blood-stained adventures, Nicole Cooper and Johnny Larocque have created an incredible gingerbread version of The Evil Dead cabin.

This delectable depiction features a cookie version of Ash with his chainsaw arm and boomstick at the ready, as well as sliced-up Deadites strewn about the yard of the spookily lit cabin.

Adding to the creation's festive and frightening flair are Cooper and Larocque's NecroNomNomNomicons, which were made out of leftover dough. We have select images of the candy cabin below, and to view the full photo gallery of The Evil Dead gingerbread house, visit Facebook.

Images via Johnny Larocque and Nicole Cooper:

Source: Facebook via io9
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