Daily Dead is proud to return as one of the sponsors for this year's Overlook Film Festival, taking place March 30th–April 2nd in New Orleans, and following their initial lineup announcement last month, Overlook has now announced their full schedule for their 2023 edition that's brimming with must-see screenings, eerie events, and immersive experiences, including a 40th anniversary screening of David Cronenberg's adaptation of Stephen King's The Dead Zone and a special introduction of William Castle's The Tingler from ​​David Dastmalchian's TV horror host persona, Dr. Bartholomew Fearless!

We have the official press release with additional details below, and be sure to visit Overlook Film Festival's official website for more information!

Press Release: March 14, 2023 | New Orleans, LA – The Overlook Film Festival released today the full schedule for its upcoming 2023 edition, taking place March 30 – April 2 in America’s most haunted city, New Orleans, LA. The festival schedule is now live  at overlookfilmfest.com/schedule.

With these newly-announced features, the horror festival will present a total of 53 films (29 features and 24 short films from 12 countries), along with extensive offerings including immersive programming, interactive events, live performances, brand-new music and magic sidebars, parties and more.

Festival passes and single tickets are on sale for all films and events in the lineup including newly added features such as Bishal Dutta’s It Lives Inside and a special 40th anniversary screening of master of horror David Cronenberg’s cult classic The Dead Zone. Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, The Dead Zone will also be the chosen topic for a live session of the popular Stephen King-obsessed podcast THE KINGCAST, presented by FANGORIA, featuring special guest journalist and filmmaker David Farrier (Mister Organ, Tickled) with host Eric Vespe and guest co-host Bryan Fuller, showrunner of TV’s Hannibal.

The previously announced screening of William Castle’s 1959 feature The Tingler, selected for the festival by legendary filmmaker Joe Dante, will also include a special in-person introduction by ​​David Dastmalchian, who will appear as  his TV horror host persona Dr. Bartholomew Fearless. The doctor will join Overlook audiences from his lair in Hollywood, California, where he ultimately relocated – succumbing to his passionate love of cinema – and where he continues to pursue a vital career in the experimentation of dead tissue reanimation, communicating with the dead and watching old horror movies in his small poorly lit dungeon. A repeat guest in many midnight social circles for hosts such as Dr. Jack Griffin and Vlad Dracula, Dr. Fearless promises to transport attendees into a screening experience like no other. The Tingler will be presented in full “Percepto.”

Finally, a special night of screenings for local audiences will follow the Festival’s Closing Night on Monday, April 3rd.

For more information about the added titles please see below.

Newly Added Features

Centerpiece Presentation

Secret Screening

Try and guess our Secret Screening. As is tradition, we'll never tell. Leave your expectations at the door. Knowing in advance would defeat the purpose. To spoil the surprise would, of course, be cheating. Only those brave enough to enter the theater will revel in the reveal. Marvel at one of the most exciting new titles of the year. End your Friday Night here, and you won't be sorry.

Feature Film Presentation

It Lives Inside

Director: Bishal Dutta

Cast: Megan Suri, Neeru Bajwa, Mohana Krishnan, Betty Gabriel, Vik Sahay

United States, 2023

Sam is desperate to fit in at school, rejecting her Indian culture and family to be like everyone else. When a mythological demonic spirit latches onto her former best friend, she must come to terms with her heritage in order to defeat it.

Retrospective Presentation

The Dead Zone

40th Anniversary Screening

Director: David Cronenberg

Cast: Christopher Walken, Brooke Adams, Tom Skerritt, Herbert Lom, Martin Sheen

United States, 1983

Christopher Walken stars as a schoolteacher who wakes up from a five-year coma with psychic powers. Wary of his newfound abilities, he retreats from the world, but when he has a horrifying vision of things to come, he fights to find out if he can only see the future or if he can change it. David Cronenberg directs this Stephen King adaptation and the topic for this year’s Kingcast live podcast.

Important Dates

March 15: Immersive Reservations Open for General Public

March 30: Festival Begins

April 2: Festival Ends

To keep up to date with The Overlook Film Festival, visit overlookfilmfest.com.

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About The Overlook Film Festival

The Overlook Film Festival is a 4-day celebration of all things horror held in haunted, historic & iconic venues throughout New Orleans. Presenting superior film programming with an expanded focus on experiential events, the festival showcases exciting work in new and classic horror cinema alongside the latest in interactive and live shows for a fully immersive weekend. As a summer camp for genre fans, The Overlook is a community event bringing the best of horror storytelling to an enthusiastic and appreciative audience within an intimate and inspirational environment. Evoking the spirit of the Overlook hotel, horror’s most infamous fictional haunt, the 2023 Overlook Film Festival runs from March 30 - April 2, headquartered at the Prytania Theatres at Canal Place in Downtown New Orleans with additional screenings at Prytania Theatres Uptown. The festival advisory board includes Joe Dante (Filmmaker - GremlinsThe Howling), Karyn Kusama (Filmmaker - Jennifer’s BodyThe Invitation), Ryan Turek (VP of Feature Film Development, Blumhouse Productions), Leigh Whannell (Actor / Writer / Filmmaker - SawInsidious), Diana Williams (CEO & Co-Founder, Kinetic Energy Entertainment), Elijah Wood (Founding Partner, SpectreVision) and more.

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