Yesterday, we brought you news of The Walking Dead #101 retro Ghost Variant cover. We now have an update on the story, with more information on this limited edition release. Continue reading for details on a participating location, concept art, and preview images from the new issue.

Original Story: Skybound and Image Comics have been teasing a Ghost Variant cover since earlier this month and we now have more details. From the sound of it, all (or select) retailers will be selling an ultra rare Ghost Variant cover of The Walking Dead #100. As for which retailers are selling them or how many were printed, your guess is as good as ours at this point. We'll update this story with any new information we receive and you can take a look at the Ghost Variant cover below. If you're able to find one in the wild, let us know.


**Update: Only select retailers received the Ghost Variant cover and it appears that many have sold out. We have confirmed that Star Clipper in St. Louis has copies left in stock if you want to call in an order or live in the area [Thanks to Daily Dead reader Adam Thick in Detroit for the tip]. Otherwise, call your local comic book shop or you can bid on a copy on eBay. Here is the official text given out to stores:

"A mysterious figure known as the Ghost has invited a small group of retailers to sell his Ghost Variant comics. No one knows who the Ghost is, where the comics are coming from, or what the next Ghost Variant will be.

The first Ghost Variant is a special cover of The Walking Dead #101 featuring Michonne in a very seventies style, with art by Jim Rugg, creator of Street Angel and Afrodisiac!"

If you'd like more details, Jim Rugg talked about the cover and posted some concept art to his tumblr account:


We've also included the original cover art for The Walking Dead #101 and some preview art, courtesy of Bleeding Cool. Keep in mind that these preview images would be considered spoilers for anyone who hasn't read The Walking Dead #100.

THE WALKING DEAD #101: “SOMETHING TO FEAR” continues! In the aftermath of the events of the monumental 100th issue… things are not going well.

Story: Robert Kirkman, Art & Cover: Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn
Release Date: August 15, 32 Pages/ BW / M /$2.99

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