As promised, we're back with a massive update to our gallery for The Walking Dead Episode 312. We've also included the previously released preview video and clips for those that can't hold out until tomorrow night. Episode 312 is titled Clear and was written by Scott M. Gimple, the man who will be taking over for Glen Mazzara as showrunner of The Walking Dead’s fourth season.

This episode is quite a bit different than what you've seen so far, and we feel like fans will consider it one of the highlights of the season. There’s not much more we can say about Clear right now, but we were on the set for this particular episode, so there will be a special set visit feature going up next week.

Early next week, we'll have some behind-the-scenes videos from Episode 312, along with the first photos and videos from Episode 313. Other features in the works include an exclusive interview with Laurie Holden, and multiple interviews to give readers a look into companies behind many of The Walking Dead collectibles that are in the works. To catch up on our previous coverage, visit the following links:

The Walking Dead Episode 312: “Clear” - Realizing they are heavily outgunned against the Governor’s forces, Rick leads an expedition to get more weapons. Written By: Scott M. Gimple, Directed By: Tricia Brock

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