We're only one issue away from the The Walking Dead #100 with this week's release of issue #99. If you can't wait to pick it up for yourself, take a look at the cover art and a 5-page preview. We also had a chance to check out an early review copy and have provided our thoughts on the new issue.

The Walking Dead #99: "SOMETHING TO FEAR" CONTINUES! The unthinkable happens, as we all gear up for next month's monumental issue 100! Story by: Robert Kirkman Art By: Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn Price:$2.99 On Sale: June 20, 2012

Impressions: **Spoiler Warning** After the surprise death and shootout in issue #98, things slow down a bit in issue #99. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though, as it feels more like the calm before the storm and a chance to say goodbye to some of our favorite characters. Robert Kirkman promises that the 100th issue will “easily be the most gruesome, most violent, disturbing” issue of comic book series, and this issue ends with the reader and Rick feeling that something horrible is going to happen.

With The Walking Dead, we know that no character is safe, and based on the #100 cover art and how this issue ends, we wouldn't be surprised if the only characters left standing are Rick, Michonne, and Carl. With less than 30 days until the 100th issue release, we'll know what happens soon enough. Take a look at the cover art and first five pages of #99 below. Who do you think will be killed next month?