While this hasn't officially been announced yet, we stumbled upon the upcoming Facebook social game for The Walking Dead. Expected to be released in April, we have basic gameplay information and screenshots for you to see.

For those that aren't familiar with the Facebook gaming platform, this is a full graphical game, where you'll move around, kill zombies and interact within the game world:

"Get ready to enter the world of The Walking Dead Social Game. Complete missions, meet characters from the show, and recruit your Facebook friends to defend your camp from Walkers. If your friends get killed, look out, they may return as Walkers.

New Survivors: The only way to survive is with a team of allies. Create your team of zombie fighters to remain safe and unharmed from the Walker threat.

Guard duty: While you're not online, anything could happen in The Walking Dead Online Universe, so make certain to have your friends on guard to protect your community. Safety is always found in numbers. By adding your friends, you increase your ability to protect your camp as well as your friends'.

Narrative driven quests: Complete unique and exciting adventures in popular locations from The Walking Dead television show, as well as never-before-seen locations designed exclusively for the game.

Meet your favorite survivors: Now is your chance to interact with the survivors of the hit TV Show, The Walking Dead.

Walkers: Try to survive encounters with terrifying Walkers from the original series.

Turn Based Combat: The Turn Based Combat system is simple enough for anyone to pick up but challenging enough to allow for multiple survival strategies. There will be hundreds of missions to complete and repeat in order to earn awards and achievements for exceptional performance.

Tools of Survival: Everyone needs a toolkit for survival. Game players will have a plethora of weapons to use but the challenge is to unlock them!"

**Updated @ 11:17 pm EST** Here is some quick information based on what we've seen:

-They show three characters that looked like Shane, Rick, and Daryl. However, we think they may just be similar customized characters. You'll notice that not all of the features are exact. There are also a number of characters shown in the neighborhood screenshot that are clearly not main characters from the TV show.

-We've learned from the producer of The Walking Dead Social Game that you can turn into a walker: "You get to recruit friends to guard your camp and if they die... The come back as Walkers!"

-There are multiple weapon types, as mentioned above. Weapons shown so far include a pistol, axe, shotgun and crossbow.

-The game is expected to be officially announced this Sunday during Talking Dead.

An April release date was mentioned, so we're should have plenty of new information for you in the very near future. Until then, we have three screenshots below. To watch 3 short gameplay videos from The Walking Dead Social Game, visit:

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