Earlier this month, The Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara was a guest speaker at this year's Banff World Media Festival. He gave a very insightful speech, which covers The Walking Dead, but also focused on his early interests, which included comic books, The Twilight Zone, and more.

We have a video of his speech, along with the Q&A session, where he talks about joining Twitter and working with Robert Kirkman. While many who follow The Walking Dead are familiar with Robert Kirkman after hearing his name for years, Glen Mazzara may still be new to casual fans. As showrunner, he's in charge of the creative direction that the TV show takes and it's really interesting to hear his approach and early influences. It's clear from watching this that Glen Mazzara is a huge genre fan and has a love for horror, comics, and television.

We'll have more with Glen Mazzara next month as part of our SDCC 2012 coverage, but make sure to watch the videos below as well as our previous coverage: