The Nerdist Channel released the latest episode of Ain't It Cool with Harry Knowles, which features a visit to KNB EFX and an interview with Greg Nicotero. While we don't hear anything new in the interview about The Walking Dead Season 3, we do catch a glimpse of what looks like a zombie bust being created for the new season.

*Spoiler Warning: Don't watch/read if you haven't seen season 2* What we found interesting were some additional details about the Sophia barn scene, including some items we didn't see in the actual episode and talk about a zombie mouth rinse. If you want to skip to the KNB EFX part, start at the 2:48 mark. The Greg Nicotero interview begins as the 5:40 mark.

"Today's episode of Ain't It Cool with Harry Knowles on the Nerdist Channel gives an inside view of the world of special effects makeup. Harry Knowles tours KNB EFX Group's facilities (home to some of the greatest special makeup effects ever created) and asks the artists about their favorite film gags. Then Knowles talks to the legendary Greg Nicotero about his work on The Walking Dead."