Rick Grimes is frequently seen on The Walking Dead with the .357 Magnum Colt Python revolver. If you were interested in learning more about his weapon of choice, the guys at LuckyGunner Labs have shared a Colt Python revolver infographic, along with some additional details about the revolver and its use during the zombie apocalypse.

About the Colt Python: "The Python was first introduced in the mid-1950′s; a time when revolvers were king in the US handgun market, and the Python was developed to become the king of the revolvers. With each gun being hand-fitted by expert craftsmen at Colt, the new revolver was made to be a “premium-grade” target pistol.  It was an instant hit with citizens looking for a self-defense gun, and more important for its long-term success, cops loved it too.

The four and six inch barreled versions of the Python could soon be found in the holsters of police officers all over the country. The high price tag meant few police departments placed contract purchases for their whole force, but many officers carried their personally-owned Pythons on duty; a status symbol to mark a lawman with more sophisticated taste than the average beat-walker."

Disadvantages: "Even with its mythic status and superior handling characteristics, the Python still has several disadvantages for someone in Rick Grimes situation. But those shortcomings may be offset by a few less obvious advantages. The most apparent problem with revolvers is their low ammo capacity. Not only are you limited to six rounds with the Python, but it takes much longer to reload than a magazine-fed semi-automatic. When facing an encroaching pack of hungry undead, that’s a pretty significant problem.

The Python is built slightly differently than most revolvers. Internally, the Colt is much more complex, which is both a burden and blessing. The complexity leads to improved performance, fantastic when facing a life-or-death situation. However, the Colt is one of the worst revolvers to own when it comes to the accessibility of spare parts. The complicated mechanics of the firearm can be more susceptible to problems than simpler and more rugged revolver designs. Certainly in an apocalyptic situation, spare components would be tough to come by and the expertise of an experienced gunsmith would also be a rare find."

Advantages: "Also consider the versatility of ammunition, especially in times of survival, when ammo is a hot commodity and the ability to fire anything is vital. Assuming Rick has both .357 ammo and .38 special ammo, he can adapt the gun to different situations. For picking off walkers at long-range, the magnums are ideal. When he’s expecting a close-range threat, .38s will do just fine. If stealth is required, again, .38′s provide an advantage because they make a little less noise, and if Rick has to fire, he can reduce the risk of alerting more walkers, or anyone else nearby."


We want to give a big thanks to the guys at LuckyGunner Labs. You can read much more about the Colt Python and its use on The Walking Dead at:  http://www.luckygunner.com/labs/colt-python/ *Note: There is a decent spoiler on their page for those that haven't read The Governor arc of the comic book series.


Source: LuckyGunner