Like many good season finales, last night's episode of The Walking Dead left many viewers with more questions than answers. During a recent interview, Robert Kirkman discusses a few interesting items, including a character that was supposed to die this season, but didn't:

**Spoiler Warning: Don't read this if you haven't seen the season 2 finale**

Deciding who to kill in the finale: "We've gotten to a point where viewers are surprised when we don't kill someone; anybody can go at any moment. We finally built that kind of anticipation to the same level that it is in the comic book, which is really exciting to me."

Hershel was originally set to die in episode 2.12: "There was a script that was released where Randall escaped and killed Hershel and he died in the same episode with Randall and Shane. Hershel proved that there was a lot of story left to be told with him, which we'll see in Season 3. So, he's around for a while."

Why Rick waited to tell the group about Jenner's whisper: "I don't think he had confirmation that Jenner's whisper was actually true until the moment that he saw Shane come back to life. What do you do with that information? I think he's smart enough to realize that knowing that could actually make things more dangerous. That's him exhibiting good leadership skills."

Why they decide to bring in Michonne now: "We're transitioning into a new world. This has very much been a show about what's going on in this world, how do we survive; everyone is scared. We're going to be moving into a different world where everyone knows how to survive and they're faced with more adversaries, danger and different kinds of threats. That's very much what Season 3 is going to be about. Introducing Michonne the way we did is a big part of that. This is the first time we've seen someone who's out in the wilderness, on their own. She certainly seemed capable. She saves Andrea and she's carrying a sword. This is a very strange visual for fans of the show. Fans of the comic book know all about her and I'm sure are very excited to see her. I like to think about how the audience that just watches the show takes that. I think that that is such a bizarre and jarring image. It really speaks volumes as to what you're going to be seeing in Season 3."

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